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12 Helpful Tips To Give Up Smoking

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It has become quite common that young people start smoking at very young age and then become addictive to it. They don’t realise that smoking is such a bad habit as it affects their health badly. If you are one of the smokers and are determined to quit smoking, then this article is for you. 

Harms of Smoking

Smoking is the major reason behind lungs cancer. It also contributes to the cancer of mouth, esophagus and bladder, as well as other diseases like asthma and cardiovascular diseases, and allergies. Smoking is a major causative factor in almost 90% of the 1,500 deaths from lung cancer which occur each year, as well as 75% of deaths from bronchitis and emphysema.

Smoking is not just bad for adults but infants living with smokers suffer from increased frequency of respiratory problems, colds etc. Non-smokers exposed over a long period to passive smoking have at least 35% increased risk of lung cancer. It’s never too late to quit smoking weed. By stopping smoking now, you can add up to 10 -15 years to your life, depending on your age.

Most Effective Ways to Stop Smoking

Here are 12 most helpful tips to give up smoking you must read:

1. Know the WHY

Thinking about “WHY” you want to quit is always more important than “HOW” to quit. “HOW” will come easy when you have a strong desire of the “WHY”. Think about how exciting would that be to achieve your goal of quit smoking? You must keep in mind you are doing it for your own benefit like better health, finance and better relationship, your self image, etc. How would you feel when you have successfully quit smoking?

2. Make Your End Goal Very Clear 

If you want to improve your relationship with your family, think about when you no longer have the urge to smoke and having a really good time with your kids without thinking about the cigarettes. How your connection with your children would be different from now?

If you are thinking to save money, think about how you like to use the saved money for, e.g. traveling with family? Taking your loved ones to have a buffet? A packet of 50 cigarettes costs over AU$50. If you are having 3 packs a week, that means you will save $150 per week, i.e. $600 a month once you quit smoking.

3. Observe Your Smoking Patterns

Some people smoke cigarettes almost automatically without even being aware of it, especially when the habit becomes a conditioned pattern in the subconscious mind. Building awareness is the first step to change the pattern.

Observe at what moments you have an urge to smoke, is that first thing in the morning? After a meal? Having a break? When you have coffee or alcohol? While watching TV or in the times of upset, angry, stress or tired? Try to break your smoking cues deliberately and replacing smoking with a new activity. You need to build tactics around your cues or triggers to overcome your smoking pattern.

4. Associate Smoking With Your Pain

The reason you are still smoking is that you associate smoking with pleasure and relaxation, the feeling when you handle the cigarettes or the smell of it reminds you of certain memories, in which, most of the times, you might not even have any knowledge of it.

Once you are aware of your association, you start to associate smoking with the biggest pain you could experience, e.g. your children suffer from passive smoking and cough a lot, your short of breath becomes more serious and unable to walk uphill, the health risks of smoking and how you are decreasing your life span, the argument you have continually with your loved ones, etc.

5. Allow the Urge to Go

Instead of allowing yourself to become a slave of the cigarettes, watch and feel the urge as it comes, until it slowly fades away. Believe that it comes and it goes. Do your deep breathing or try to distract yourself to let your urge go.

6. Develop New Habits to Relieve Stress

If you are using cigarettes to relieve stress, do physical activities like sports and workout can help. Integrate these activities to your daily routine and do it consistently. Eventually you will realize that they you can be good without smoking.

7. Avoid Coffee and Alcohol

A lot of times caffeine and alcohol intensify the withdrawal symptoms. It is suggested to cut your caffeine and alcohol consumption, so you won’t face intense withdrawal symptoms.

8. Find Out What You Are Craving For Psychologically

If you feel like having cravings for sweets after quitting smoking, find out what is really missing in your life. Are you missing some fun? What is out of balance in your life? Find out what is the underneath root causes for your cravings.

9. Increase Your Water Intake

Water will help nicotine to flush out from body. Drink more water.

10. Stay Firm in the Company of Smokers

When you hang out with your friends who are smokers, tell them firmly that you don’t smoke anymore. Be proud of your choice and decision that you made for yourself.

11. Don’t Worry about Gaining Weight

If someone has been relying on smoking to relieve stress, then he/she may turn to food or drinking once he/she stops smoking. However, when you work with a professional Hypnotherapist, you don’t have to worry about gaining weight, because the professional Hypnotherapist will help you to deal with negative emotions, so you will no longer handle your stress in an unhealthy way. You will learn new coping mechanisms to handle situations at ease.

12. Celebrate on Small Wins

Some people might find cold turkey very hard. Your mind might find deprived of cigarettes if you suddenly take it away from your life. Try to cut down cigarette slowly, and celebrate your small wins. Success is always just around the corner as you are determined for the change.


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