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Hypnotherapy for Healing 

Do you feel the need for emotional and mental healing? Are there specific aspects of your physical body that require healing? Do you often wonder about taking the help of alternative healing practices? Fortunately, hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy backed by science that is known for being effective with healing. Imagine getting healed holistically with the power of the mind.

What Takes a Body to be Fully Healed?

If you are having a disease or illness, it means that your body is giving you messages. There are many people who seek all forms of medical interventions for healing, they might go through several physicians, doctors, and medicinal systems to find a cure for their ailment, yet without success. Why? Because most ailments, diseases, or disorders are self-manifested. Those medical professionals only treat the symptoms and not the root cause. People who seek medical support are often given a bandage, but not the long-term solution. 

Some may get cured instantly, but then ailments, diseases, or disorders might come back in similar or different forms again. Because most often such ailments or disorders happen to manifest because of emotional, psychological reasons. Modern medicine term these ailments as psychosomatic ailments.  

Since these ailments are caused by the mind unconsciously, the healing process needs to happen in the same level where the problem was formed. 

Acknowledge the Body Messages

If you are ignoring and not caring about the body messages, it will increase the pain to attract your attention to the messages. Different body systems deliver different messages to you. If you understand the messages, and if you rectify them, then your body will heal the disease. 

In several sessions of Hypnosis for Healing – your body and the mind will start functioning in alignment to initiate the healing process in the individual. 

How does Hypnotherapy Work for Healing?

We, at Make it Happen Hypnotherapy use a combination of techniques in making the healing process possible. This can include hypnotic suggestion, White Light Healing, Body Exploration, Gestalt Therapy, Cell Command Therapy and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques.

In all these techniques, the therapist works with you to induce a hypnotic or trance state and engages with your subconscious which at most times is the “invisible hand” that works in the background in our daily life.

Our hypnotherapists dive deep to receive and understand your body messages, dig deep into the root cause of the issue at the subconscious level, as well as understand emotions and their roles, and enable healing. This subconscious intelligence contains a “blueprint” of the healthy body, we facilitate healing by healing the heart, as you forgive yourself, you work on becoming the best version of yourself and make healing possible.  You will get in tune with your body, talk to your body, and heal your body.

The reason for hypnotherapy to be so effective is because it is known for altering the neural pathways in the brain that have a direct impact on how the mind functions. Our Hypnotherapists implant positive and empowering suggestions to your subconscious mind to command the mind to activate the healing properties, as the brain is highly receptive, open, and sensitive to suggestions during hypnosis. 

This is done over several sessions to replace such thought patterns that obstruct the normal healing process. “You are commanding, directing, instructing every part of your body to go right back to its original coding, to function perfectly and properly”. With the power of the mind, you can trust the transformation to take place. 

Over the course of several sessions, you would become capable enough in manifesting the healing within the body by the power of the subconscious. The positive suggestions will have a positive effect on your mind therefore influencing the body, restoring your health back to a healthy state with your lovingness and persistence.

Our lead therapist – Sandy along with other hypnotherapists will teach you different powerful mind tools and techniques for your daily use. Our therapists teach individuals how to disengage from such conscious negative thoughts to make the healing process seamless.

Most individuals who opt for hypnotherapy at Make it Happen Hypnotherapy in Brisbane are known for leading a healthy life post-therapy as the normal mechanism of healing within the body gets restored over time. 

Face to face and online hypnotherapy session is available at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy in Brisbane.

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Message from your body; Cause of the illness / disease

You may find out the cause of your illness from below. These are taken from the book “Soul Speak” written by QHHT practitioner, Julia Cannon: (for your reference only)

1)    Abdominal cramps cause :-  Holding in of emotions and thoughts; not releasing emotions.

2)    Abscess cause :-  Anger not expressed. (The location of the abscess will give more information about the anger).

3)    Accidents cause :-  Messages (the type of accident will give more information as to the message).

4)    Aches cause :-  An attempt to get your attention. (The location of the ache will give more information about the message).

5)    Acne cause :-  Trying to hide. Not feeling “good enough.” Little bits of anger coming to the surface.

6)    Addictions cause :-  A need to control your surroundings.

7)    Adenoids cause :-  Unable to express yourself or not say what you want.

8)    AIDS cause :-  Feeling shame; extreme guilt. Fear of judgment.

9)    Alcoholism cause :-  Desire to escape and not be present.

10)    Allergies cause :-  Many allergies are from past-life traumas.

11)    Alzheimer’s disease cause :-  Desire to leave the body, but very gradually to help those around them accept.

12)    Amnesia cause :-  Denial of present situation; escape.

13)    Anaemia cause :-  Not recognizing one’s self value; a feeling of weakness.

14)    Ankle problem cause :-  Not being flexible in moving in a new direction.

15)    Anorexia cause :-  Wanting to disappear; not wanting to be here.

16)    Anus problems cause :-  Not wanting to “let go” of issues; a desire to control situations and people.

17)    Anxiety cause :-  Not trusting the universe / higher-self / anything outside of self.

18)    Apathy cause :-  Not engaged in the flow or joy of life.

19)    Appendicitis cause :-  Anger at one’s inability to release emotions.

20)    Arm problems cause :-  Issues with accepting / embracing / love / affection.

21)    Arteriosclerosis cause :-  The joy is missing in your life. Becoming hardened to life.

22)    Arteries cause :-  The flow of life. Joy.

23)    Arthritis cause :-  Being inflexible in movement and attitude towards a new directions in life. In hands trying to hold onto something or someone.

24)    Asthma cause :-  Feeling constricted in your life. Unable to move freely. Can also be from past life death.

25)    Athlete’s foot cause :-  Issues with “stepping out” in new direction.

26)    Back problems cause :-  Carrying a heavy load and not feeling supported.

27)    Lower / middle back (the support system) cause :-  not feeling supported.

28)    Upper back, neck, and shoulder tension cause :-  carrying and thinking other people’s problems. Feeling like you have carrying the whole world on your shoulders.

29)    Balance, loss of cause :-  Indecisive; not sure of next move.

30)    Bedwetting cause :-  Not feeling secure in release of emotions.

31)    Birth defects cause :-  Karmic; you decide and plan entire blueprint of the body before coming here.

32)    Bladder problems cause :-  Problems with releasing something. (Fear of keeping it or fear of letting it go).

33)    Bleeding cause :-  Feeling out of control with your own life force.

34)    Bleeding gums cause :-  Feeling out of control of what you are saying.

35)    Blood cause :-  Life force of the body.

36)    Blood problems cause :-  Issues with how you see your life. Lack of joy and ‘life’ to your life.

37)    Blood pressure cause :-  Lack of trust in the world around you.

38)    Body odour cause :-  Self-dislike; attempting to repel others attention.

39)    Bones cause :-  Framework of the body.

40)    Bone problems cause :-  Issues with your plans; not feeling secure with decisions.

41)    Bowels cause :-  Waste elimination of the body.

42)    Bowel problems cause :-  Issues with eliminating the waste in your life. Fear of letting go.

43)    Brain cause :-  Central computer or message “sender and receiver” of the body.

44)    Brain problems cause :-  Issues with receiving messages; resistance to input of information.

45)    Breasts cause :-  Nurturing centre of the body.

46)    Breast problems cause :-  Issues / anger with nurturing; not being nurtured or not able to nurture.

47)    Breathing problems cause :-  Not partaking in life. Afraid of life.

48)    Bronchitis cause :-  Shutting down of the life force. Constriction of desires.

49)    Bruises cause :-  Not paying attention of self.

50)    Burns cause :-  An urgent message to you to  pay attention. (The location of the burn will give more information as to the message).

51)    Cancer cause :-  Severe hate or  anger resentment or toward another individual, but not express it openly; then anger turned inward.

52)    Canker sores cause :-  Angry words wishing to be expressed.

53)    Cataracts cause :-  Not wanting to see what’s ahead; fear of the future.

54)    Chills cause :-  A desire to withdraw from social situation.

55)    Chronic diseases cause :-  Resistance to understand the messages.

56)    Colds cause :-  Indecisiveness, need to make decision but not doing so; feeling sorry for self and want to delay an activity. Or over worked and needing to rest.

57)    Colitis and elimination problems cause :-  Over attachment, not releasing situations.

58)    Coma cause :-  Total escape from a situation.

59)    Conjunctivitis cause :-  Angry at what you are seeing. Not wanting to face a situation.

60)    Constipation cause :-  What are you trying to hold onto?

61)    Cysts cause :-  Anger. The location will give more information as to what you are angry about.

62)    Cystic fibrosis cause :-  Not feeling free to live your life; feeling constricted.

63)    Deafness cause :-  Refusal to listen. What don’t you want to hear?

64)    Depression cause :-  Escape from the present.

65)    Diabetes cause :-  Lack of sweetness / love in your life.

66)    Diarrhoea / frequent urination cause :-  What are you trying to move from your life quickly ?

67)    Digestive disorders cause :-  What’s going on that you’re not able to “stomach”?

68)    Dizziness cause :-  Not feeling centred. Feeling unstable or indecisive.

69)    Ears cause :-  Sensory organ for hearing.

70)    Ear problems cause :-  Issues with hearing guidance from others or ourselves.

71)    Eczema cause :-  Too much energy coming into the body; burned in another life.

72)    Edema cause :-  Holding on to emotions. Not allowing emotions to flow.

73)    Elbow cause :-  The joint that allows the arms to embrace love and affection.

74)    Emphysema cause :-  Fear of life. Afraid to “live.”

75)    Epilepsy cause :-  Too much energy coming into the body.

76)    Eyes cause :-  Sensory organ for seeing; how we see the world around us.

77)    Eye disorders cause :-  Inability or refusal to see things as they are really or not want to look at something. Unable to see the whole picture.

78)    Farsightedness cause :-  Fear of the present.

79)    Nearsightedness cause :-  Fear of the future.

80)    Cataracts cause :-  Fear of seeing the situation as it is.

81)    Glaucoma cause :-  Denial of situation.

82)    Face cause :-  How you present yourself to the world and others.

83)    Falling accident cause :-  Feeling insecure; not having “a leg to stand on.”

84)    Fat cause :-  Need to protect self from unwanted attention.

85)    Fatigue cause :-  Attempt to escape from present situation.

86)    Feet cause :-  Move you into new directions and situations.

87)    Feet problems cause :-  Resistance to moving in new direction.

88)    Female problems cause :-  Not feeling creative. Feeling victimized. Having issues with your femininity.

89)    Fibroid tumours cause :-  Feeling guilt or grief for lost pregnancies; great desire to have children.

90)    Foot, leg or hip pain cause :-  Not going in the right direction, or holding back on what they should be doing.

91)    Gallstones cause :-  Rigidity or hardening of though processes.

92)    Gangrene cause :-  A desire to leave this life “one piece at a time.”

93)    Gas pains cause :-  Difficulty digesting thoughts or emotions.

94)    Gastritis cause :-  Inability or unwillingness to release angry emotions.

95)    Hands cause :-  Hands are used to accept and hold things; also used for tools.

96)    Headaches cause :-  Pressure or stress in this life or possibly from trauma in past life.

97)    Hearing disorders cause :-  Inability or refusal to listen to accept what is heard. Not want to hear something.

98)    Heart attack cause :-  Feeling pressured by responsibility; wanting to escape.

99)    Heart problems cause :-  The heart is the seat of the emotions, problems with the love life.

100)    Haemorrhoids cause :-  Need to get ‘off your butt’ and start moving; something is a ‘pain in the butt’.

101)    Hepatitis cause :-  Angry at a toxic situation.

102)    Hernia cause :-  Constriction of emotions; feeling you cannot express your emotions.

103)    Herpes cause :-  Feeling shame or guilt of sexuality.

104)    Hip cause :-  Joint that allows the leg to bend and move.

105)    Hip problems cause :-  Resistance in moving in desired direction.

106)    Hives cause :-  An irritation from the inside out; eating yourself up with worry.

107)    Impotence cause :-  Feeling the victim; issues with masculinity; over powered by a female/lady. Vow of celibacy in a past-life.

108)    Incontinence cause :-  Feeling powerless; loss of control.

109)    Indigestion cause :-  Not feeling comfortable with something you are doing or saying.

110)    Infection cause :-  Anger at self. The location of the infection will give information as to what that anger is about.

111)    Inflammation – “Itis” cause :-  Angry thoughts at self or something. (The location of the inflammation will give more information of the issue).

112)    Influenza cause :-  Feeling vulnerable; a victim; needing a rest.

113)    Ingrown toenail cause :-  Resistance to move forward.

114)    Insanity cause :-  Escape from the present reality; not taking responsibility for yourself.

115)    Insomnia cause :-  Fear usually from a situation that happened in childhood.

116)    Itching cause :-  Desire to move and “get going.”

117)    Jaw problems cause :-  Not speaking your truth (lie); fear of rejection; fear of not being ‘good enough’.

118)    Joints cause :-  Flexible points in the body that allows bones to move.

119)    Kidney disorders cause :-  What are you trying to get out of your life? Check What is poisoning your life?

120)    Knees cause :-  Points of flexion of the legs; allows the legs to move.

121)    Knee problems cause :-  Resistance to move in your desired direction in life.

122)    Laryngitis cause :-  Inability or fear to speak up.

123)    Legs cause :-  Part of the body that moves you and carries you forward.

124)    Leg problems cause :-  Resistance to moving forward.

125)    Leukaemia cause :-  Desire to leave this life and planet.

126)    Liver cause :-  Filters toxins from the body.

127)    Liver problems cause :-  You’re having an issue with a toxic situation / actual toxins / poisons in your life.

128)    Lupus cause :-  Attacking yourself; feeling a need to be punished.

129)    Lymph problems cause :-  Feeling you are under attack and in the victim mode sometimes.

130)    Lungs disorders (asthma) cause :-  Feeling restricted, feeling smothered by individuals / situations.

131)    Menopause problems cause :-  Feeling you are losing your personal power; not feeling creative.

132)    Menstrual problems cause :-  Resistance to moving into your feminine power; not feeling creative.

133)    Migraine headaches cause :-  Residue of past-life trauma.

134)    Mouth problems cause :-  Not speaking your truth; need to speak out.

135)    Multiple sclerosis cause :-  Anger in communications; not receiving your messages.

136)    Neck cause :-  Allows the head or neck to move around to get different perspectives.

137)    Neck problems cause :-  Rigidity or lack of flexibility in seeing things from a different viewpoint / perspective.

138)    Nervous disorders cause :-  Stress, worry; overload of input on the system.

139)    Nose problems cause :-  Not willing to look at the situation that is very close to you.

140)    Overweight cause :-  Protect yourself from being hurt. or may have starved in one past life.

141)    Pancreas problems (diabetes) cause :-  A lack of sweetness or joy in your life.

142)    Paralysis cause :-  Fear or indecisiveness with your course of action. The location of the paralysis will give more information as to the message.

143)    Parkinson’s disease cause :-  Trying to control the people and situations around you.

144)    Phlebitis cause :-  Blocks in the flow of the energy in your life. (The location of the clot will give more information as to what area of your life is being affected).

145)    Pneumonia cause :-  Tired of life and living. loss of joy/happiness in your life.

146)    Prostate disorders (male) cause :-  Feeling a loss, dysfunction or misuse of power.

147)    Rash cause :-  Irritation with a situation; the location of the rash will give you more information about the

148)    situation.

149)    Reproductive disorders (female) cause :-  (Creative centre). Not appreciating the feminine expression, guilt / fear in expression of the receptive quality. Wanting to have children / feeling guilty for lost pregnancies. Not feeling creative.

150)    Rheumatoid arthritis cause :-  Holding on to something or someone very tightly. Not releasing.

151)    Scoliosis cause :-  Not taking a stand for yourself. being like a wishy-washy.

152)    Sexual problems cause :-  Not enough or too much of sex, may have taken a vow of celibacy in another life.

153)    Sinus problems cause :-  Pressure applied by someone close – usually yourself.

154)    Slipping accident cause :-  Not having a strong foundation; don’t have ‘a leg to stand on’.

155)    Spine cause :-  The support for the body; it holds the body up.

156)    Spinal curvature cause :-  Not standing up for what you believe; being wishy-washy.

157)    Stomach problems cause :-  Holding your emotions in. Not releasing them; Not able to ‘digest’ something or some words or thoughts.

158)    Swelling cause :-  Not releasing your emotions. The location will give more information as to what the emotions are about.

159)    Tape worm cause :-  Feeling the victim; what is eating you?

160)    Teeth problems cause :-  Fear or n to speak your truth.

161)    Thyroid problems cause :-  Fear that what you have to say is not important.

162)    Tinnitus cause :-  Not listening to your guidance. Can also be a raising your frequency.

163)    Throat disorders cause :-  Not speaking your truth (lie) or holding back. Fear of speaking out.

164)    Ulcers cause :-  What’s ‘eating’ you? Are you allowing others to control you?

165)    Urinary infections cause :-  You need to release a poisonous situation from your life.

166)    Uterus cause :-  The creative centre and/or female power zone.

167)    Venereal disease cause :-  Feeling shame or guilt with sexuality. May have taken a vow of celibacy in another life.

168)    Warts cause :-  Feeling ugly; feelings of self hate.

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