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Calm Down Before Exam

Hypnotherapy for Exam Anxiety

Have you ever experienced your mind going blank while taking an exam? Do you experience anxiety before tests despite how hard you study? And is it the case that after the exam you are able to recall all the information? Do you know why this happens to you? It may happen as you might probably be too anxious.

Quite a number of us are always anxious when it comes to writing exams or tests. Given circumstances that are not “exam-like”, we tend to relax and let our potentials shine through. 

So, are you one who experiences test anxiety or anxiety when faced with situations like this? Do you exhibit signs of exam phobia or do you feel overwhelmed when faced with real-life situations that can pass as examinations or tests?

Let us state that test anxiety is when one experiences anxiety during exams or exam-like situations in real life. Thus, being anxious in the face of tests or exams is not limited to an age group, orientation, or gender.

At Make It Happen Hypnotherapy we offers effective Hypnotherapy for Exam Anxiety programs to help you in dealing with exam anxiety.

Who Does Exam Anxiety Affect?

Test anxiety cuts across borders. Old, young, non-binary, male, and females alike can feel anxious at any time. If one experiences extreme exam anxiety or when anxiety becomes unmanageable, it may lead to severe consequences. For instance, such chronic anxiety may lead to the creation of a vicious cycle of stronger emotions, anxiety attacks, and even chronic stress.

It is agreed that passing an exam or even sitting for it in the first place is not only dependent on your knowledge of the subject at hand. But it also depends on your mental and physical wellbeing at the time of taking the test.

How Does Hypnotherapy For Exam Anxiety Help?

Hypnotherapy works at the subconscious level where exam anxiety gets developed. It replaces the conditioned response of anxiety in your mind with the alternative responses that you chose on your own. With a few sessions of hypnotherapy for test anxiety, our certified therapists help you in overcoming exam anxiety or fear of exam-like situations in real life.

The certified therapists at ‘Make It Happen Hypnotherapy’ will look at the psychological aspects of your exam anxiety issue or fear of exam-like situations in real life. That is they will identify your patterns of distress, cognitive distortions, and negative core beliefs. 

Thus, our hypnotherapists will take you back into the past when you started experiencing exam nervousness or nervousness in similar situations in the first place. Once they find out the root cause of your first instance of anxiety and understand the circumstances at that time in your life, the therapists at MIHH will reframe it. This will help you to change your perception of your fear of exams phobia or fear of exam-like situations in real life at the subconscious level.

An important step towards coping with test anxiety is to explore how you view yourself. Usually, the problem isn’t your extreme test anxiety, but it is how you think about yourself. 

Some people might see themselves as a failure when they start experiencing extreme test anxiety or nervousness in similar situations again. During your hypnosis sessions, our therapists will strengthen your belief that you can reduce anxiety attacks before exams once and for all. 

Hypnotherapy for exam anxiety when combined with Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (E-CBT), effectively recognizes and addresses your triggers of panic attacks. It works on such triggers to prevent any future relapses.

Thus, in our hypnotherapy for exam anxiety program, you will learn to deal with your stress, counter your negative emotions, and develop new and effective coping strategies. With powerful relaxation techniques, you will rehearse the new coping strategies in a trance state. As a result, you will be able to cope with any difficult situations with ease and take back the control in reality.

Hypnotherapy for test anxiety treatments has been used successfully by therapists for many years to help those having panic attacks before exams or exam-life situations in life to overcome such feelings. Studies show that hypnotherapy is effective for people to overcome anxiety. 

Further research has indicated that hypnosis plays a major role in coping with exam anxiety. But people with exam anxiety may need an effective support system of family and friends to stand by them while being treated. 

Remember, hypnotherapy for exam anxiety is effective when you are motivated to overcome your nervousness and when you have a support system to keep you on the right track.

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Hypnotherapist?

Skilled and Professional
  • Our therapists truly understands what you are experiencing and knows well how to help you overcome emotional abuse.
  • Registered with the Australian Hypnotherapist Association, the therapists at MIHH also keep up to date with the latest therapies.
  • We at MIHH use Psychotherapy(E-CBT), Hypnotherapy, Havening, Neuro-Linguistic Programming to communicate with your subconscious mind coupled with counseling and coaching to help you overcome emotional abuse.
  • Also, we provide tailor-made hypnotherapy for emotional abuse programs for each individual and deliver lifelong changes, not short-term solutions.

What is Included in Our “Hypnotherapy for Exam Anxiety” Program*?

  • Relax the mind, focus on the present, overcome worry about “exam anxiety” through witnessing self
  • Find out if there are any limited core beliefs about nervousness before exams that are holding you back and change them
  • Hypnotic suggestions regarding anxiety before exam for your subconscious mind: e.g. No need to fight against the time. You have more than enough time. I can do it well. I am doing it to build my own career, and not for anyone else. 
  • Mental rehearsal for the exam/test, taking the exam with relaxation, focus, and confidence

*The hypnotherapy for exam anxiety will be tailor-made for each individual. Usually, only a few sessions (around 5-7 sessions) are needed. But, since everyone’s needs are variable, the number of sessions may vary.

Hypnosis For Exam Anxiety Helps

This is one of the most common ways to help control exam anxiety that often accompanies either before or during taking an examination. 

Hypnotherapy for exam anxiety puts you in a serene frame of mind that is needed to sit confidently for your exam. It also prepares you to handle successfully possibly difficult scenarios that you would otherwise not be able to face. 

Hypnotherapy can transform your interaction with tests and can be an entirely life-changing experience. 

Client A had a heavy drinking problem

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