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Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief

Are you finding it hard to cope with pain? Has pain affect your everyday activities? Do you wonder how to reduce or even completely free of pain without any drugs? Thankfully, hypnotherapy is known to offer relief from pain to manageable levels. Picture yourself leading a normal life again without any sort of pain! By learning the techniques of self hypnosis for pain relief, you can control the pain yourself, and to improve your body’s natural ability to heal.

How Hypnosis Work to Relief Pain?

There are individuals with a prolonged medical condition where pain has made them incapable of leading an everyday life. It can include migraines, headache, back pain, arthritis, sciatica, cancer and other chronic pain. Neuroscience has noted that when acute pain shifts to chronic pain, it can cause marked changes in brain activity and the way the brain works.

Relaxes Your Central Nervous System

Fortunately, hypnotherapy works by changing how you perceive pain. Using hypnosis for pain relief relaxes your central nervous system, therefore helping it become less reactive to pain.

The American Psychiatric Association released a 2004 study, finding hypnosis very effective for pain management. It has been found that hypnosis can alleviate the sensory and affective components of a pain experience.

Through Hypnotherapy, we can challenge faulty thinking patterns (e.g., “I feel too painful to do anything.”), and even restore range of motion and appropriate body mechanics with hypnotic suggestions.

How does Hypnotherapy Help in Providing Pain Relief?

Pain is a warning mechanism, messages given to us by our body, asking us to pay attention to. We at Make it Happen Hypnotherapy, specialised in facilitating individuals to find out what causes the pain in the first place at the emotional and psychological level. We identify the real issues by facilitating you to go within and use effective mind tools, hypnotherapy to relieve the pain.

With a combination of techniques, including hypnosis for healing, hypnotic suggestions for pain management, visualization, Havening and powerful body relaxation techniques to bring down the effects of pain.

Our muscles tend to tense up due to pain. Here, our therapist teaches you to relax those muscle groups that tense-up using the hypnosis mind tools. When the body relaxes, the mind follows suit, thereby preventing the individual’s susceptibility to stress and anxiety. The therapist employs a progressive relaxation technique, wherein you will be asked to deliberately tense your muscles and relax them. This way the body learns to relax the muscles even during chronically painful episodes.

Hypnosis aids in distracting the individual from pain through visualization techniques wherein the individual is encouraged to visualize being anesthetized, or being pervaded by a specific color, or dialling down numbers that remedies pain. This kind of technique is known to be highly effective in bringing down pain. For example, IBS ‘gut-directed hypnotherapy’ involves using visualisations to calm the gut and digestive systems. You are also encouraged to practice self-hypnosis for pain relief post-therapy.

Last, through Havening, wherein through sensory stimuli or touch by the therapist, delta brain waves are induced in the individual. These waves are integral to the lessening of pain and associated symptoms of stress and anxiety in the individual. Havening has been known to down regulate response to memories and stimuli that induce pain, mitigating the heightened pain response of the brain.

Learning to Relief Pain with Self Hypnosis

There are cases where pain has a subconscious element. This has been observed in cases of extreme trauma where the individual experiences no pain during the occurrence of the event. The pain is being triggered much later the incidents due to other related event. In such cases, a combination of hypnosis, body relaxation, and Havening does have a positive outcome to relief stress, anxiety, mood swings, and depression.

Client A had a heavy drinking problem

Most cases that opt for Hypnotherapy at “Make it Happen Hypnotherapy” are known to show significant reduction in pain post therapy.

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"A family member recommended me to approach ‘Make It Happen Hypnotherapy’ to seek help with chronic sleep deprivation I was experiencing. I had previously used hypnotherapy to give up smoking over thirty years ago, so I knew it could work. I was very happy to find the approach of sleep therapists at MIHH gentle but extremely effective as I have now retrained myself to enjoy a good nights’ sleep. An unexpected side benefit to my online therapy sessions has been positive improvements to other areas of my life, including an increase in confidence and self-esteem as well as developing relaxation techniques that work for me. As I live interstate, we engaged in online hypnosis sessions which were incredibly convenient and easy. I can highly recommend ‘Make It Happen Hypnotherapy’ services to anyone looking for help to create positive change in their lives, and empower themselves to achieve their goals."

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