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“To shift your life in a desired direction, you must powerfully shift your subconscious.”

 – Kevin Michel

Make It Happen Hypnotherapy…

Backed up by Scientific Procedures

Researches show that under hypnosis, we can rewire the neuro connections associated with patterns, negative thoughts and states.

Rewrite your subconscious script with the help of effective tools to change thinking, feelings, and behaviours, so that your subconscious becomes your friend instead of the enemy.

> 600 clients > 1,800 hours

Not only experience, but our effective approach and professionalism made us one of the best Brain Trainers, Clinical Hypnotherapist Psychotherapists, NLP Practitioners in Brisbane.

Change becomes hard when your Subconscious Mind is holding you back.

Anxiety, over-eating, nail-biting, smoking, drinking, depression, and phobias are all subconscious reactions. If you find it hard to pull yourself out from this loop cycle with your willpower, you need to solve the problem at where the problem lies – the subconscious level.

Many people with medically confirmed conditions have struggled for years to identify the real causes behind the issues. You need to unlock your subconscious level, work with the feeling mind to unlearn and let go the burden from previous or current life traumas. Change can happen in only few sessions with the help of natural therapies – hypnotherapy.

Here, at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy, you can discover the roadmap to true happiness and fulfillment, and achieve what you want in life. Through our mind training in Brisbane, we will help you identify your issues, to rewire your neuro-pathway and solve them permanently.

Sea Backgrund - Make it Happen Hypnotherapy

How Does Hypnotherapy Works

Establish Control

Develop coping strategies and embed in subconscious, regain control of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Remove Blocks

Locate and remove blocks of the physical or psychological issue on a subconscious level.

Embed New Belief

Rewire your old subconscious associations that get in the way and replace them with positive ones.

Mind Rehearsal

Redirect your mind to your chosen responses and build new neuro-pathway in the brain. Repeat rehearsal for changes.

Change Your Game
In the Mind

Sandy Wong - Make it Happen Hypnotherapy

Get the mind tools you need to get on top of any circumstances.

“Everyone is able to access the subconscious mind with hypnosis where we can make real lasting changes, and become the person you truly want to be.”

Sandy Wong
Registered Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist

Sandy Wong - Make it Happen Hypnotherapy

What the People Are Saying?

Hypnotherapy for Stuttering Works

Lose Weight & Healed with Hypnotherapy

Self Healing Journey Through Hypnotherapy

Do you believe in Past Life?

Benefits of Hypno-Psychotherapy




Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy in Brisbane

Here are some of the Hypno-Psychotherapy Programs that Sandy offers you at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy:

Our Therapies

Sandy uses 5 different therapy types to help you – Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Havening and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy(QHHT).
How does hypnotherapy work- MIHH


You will be guided into a trance state, just like daydreaming, which then allows Sandy to work with your subconscious mind to find out the root causes of the problems and create desired outcomes for you. Techniques include Mindfulness, Witnessing, Regression, Inner Child, Parts Therapy, Rewind Technique and more.



Psychotherapist - Make it Happen Hypnotherapy

Psychotherapy, E-CBT

Through Enhanced CBT, Sandy helps you to formulate effective ways to achieve more empowering and appropriate responses to situations; you can choose how you want to act, instead of automatically falling into a negative conditioned pattern.

We create new neural pathways that become the automatic responses of your subconscious mind, so that you can be free from any negative emotions or unwanted behaviours.



Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP brisbane


With Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you can rapidly achieve positive change through mind rehearsal and shift of mind with the use of new thought, language and so as behaviour.




Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

This therapy penetrates a much deeper level of your mind, contact and communicate with your soul(higher consciousness) to find answers, know your life purpose and allow self-healing to transform your life for the better.

Free yourself from energy blocks in spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level. Your soul awaits awakening and your questions about your life will be answered.



Live happy - Make it Happen Hypnotherapy

Havening Therapy

We will work through the events and emotions impacting you. With havening techniques, your emotional blocks will be removed, and the negative feelings attached to the event/memory will be completely gone, replacing with the hopes and positive beliefs that you want…



Clients Reviews

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Bronwyn – Beating Eating Disorder

Anthony – Moderate Drinking

Pranali – Gain Confidence