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Meet Sandy Wong

MIHH Founder | Mentor | Clinical Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist | QHHT Practitioner | Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner | NLP Practitioner | Life coach

Sandy Wong​
Behaviour Therapy

About Sandy

Sandy Wong is the Founder of Make It Happen Hypnotherapy. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, QHHT Practitioner, Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner & NLP Practitioner and life coach.

Over the past few years, she has empowered over 700 people, from aged 7 to 70 to create rapid changes for transformation.

She studied Hypnotherapy at the most credible institutions in Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Hong Kong. She has a wealth of knowledge in hypnotherapy, knowing how to work with the powerful subconscious mind where the problems need to be addressed.


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Hypnotherapy for Addictions

Sandy can help you with moderate drinking, overcome emotional eating, gambling addictions, etc.

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Hypnotherapy for Emotional Regulations

We are specialised in anger release & management, anxiety, stress, sleep, trauma / PTSD.

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Hypnotherapy for Heartbreak

If you are going through a breakup and experiencing emotional pain, we can help you to heal and recover.

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Hypnotherapy for Relationships

We help you to deal with past traumas and stresses, let go of your negative patterns that hinder the growth of your relationship.

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QHHT for Getting Unstuck

By facilitating you to access your higher self with QHHT, you will receive guidance of your life direction and move on with clarity.

Welcome to Make It Happen Hypnotherapy

How Can Sandy Help You with Hypnotherapy?

Constantly Battling with Yourself?

Sandy lives her passion by helping people find their freedom from the issues that hold them back in life. She can easily help you:

  • Removing blockages
  • Letting go of internal resistance 
  • Evolving belief system
  • Regulating emotions 
  • Bringing a closure to past old issues/ traumas 

& more

As an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sandy helps people to train and reprogram their mind to do the best job. Online Hypnotherapy with Sandy helps you to evolve psychologically and emotionally. It guides you to step into a much healthier mental and emotional space.

Why Choose Working with Sandy?

Sandy has a healing old soul and knows that it’s her gift. She feels deeply honoured to be able to help people to regain happiness in their life. 

With the ground-breaking Hypnotic Success Framework she developed, she successfully helped hundreds of people to remove their internal blockages, and create drastic shifts.

You will feel completely comfortable talking to Sandy as she loves what she does, and this makes her do it extremely well. 

She has now stepped up as a Business Hypnotherapy Mentor to empower more therapists to transform more lives.

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Welcome to Make It Happen Hypnotherapy

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Book your 100% FREE no-obligation 30-minute Strategy Zoom Call with our Senior Therapist (Sandy Wong) that could help you flip the switch on rewriting your subconscious script.

What To Expect:

We will share with you how we integrate cutting-edge advanced mind tools to create lifelong changes.

You’ll be getting a fully customized breakdown of how to transform your life in many areas which has been effectively used to change the lives of hundreds of people like you. 


Our Clinical Hypnotherapists will guide you into a state of trance similar to daydreaming. By working with your subconscious mind, we will find out the underlying causes of your emotional suffering, and establish desired outcomes for you. To achieve this, we will use various techniques like Inner Child Therapy, Regression, Parts Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Rewind Technique, and more.