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Cookie Policy

Last Updated October 25, 2021

This Cookie Policy explains how Make It Happen Hypnotherapy (“we” or “us” or “our”) may use cookies, web beacons, tracking pixels, and other similar technologies when you visit our or any other media form, mobile website, or mobile application linked to it (together called the “Site”). These technologies are used to identify you when you visit our website at so that we can make necessary changes to the Site and enhance your overall user experience. The policy explains what these technologies are, why we use them, and what are your rights to control our use of them.

What are Cookies?

Cookies consist of packets of data or information to identify your device like the computer since you use it over a network. The web server creates the cookie the moment you connect, assigns it with an ID that is unique to your computer, and sends it to your browser.
The web browsers store these cookies and know what information to serve you the moment you visit our website.
Thus, cookies help our website remember you as a unique visitor and your activity which may include website login, use of services, etc.
Cookies are commonly used by website owners to make necessary adjustments to their websites. This is to enhance your browsing experience by making the website work more effectively.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data that are generated by the web servers to the browsers. These identify your computer as you use a network. The moment you connect, the web server generates cookies, labels them with the ID unique to your device, and sends them to your browser, where they are stored.
Your browser then serves you with these cookies each time you visit our website. Thus, we use cookies on the Site to track your activity on our website in addition to other things. This may include tracking the services you have used, keeping you logged into our website, keeping a record of your registration details, tracking the pages you have visited, and assisting you with the purchase process.
Accordingly, cookies help us to know how you are using the Site so that we can make necessary changes to customize the user experience as per your need.

What are Different Types of Cookies

Some of the common and most important cookies that we may use include:

Analytics Cookies

Analytics cookies track the sources vai which visitors reached our Site the number of visitors reaching us, and actions they perform once on the website. 

Analytics cookies help us to know what changes need to be made to enhance the overall user experience.

First-Party Cookies

These are the cookies set by us as a Site. The information tracked using the first-party cookies helps us to figure out the number of visitors, sessions, and pageviews.  These are important cookies without which the Site cannot function effectively as we may not be able to provide you with certain features and functionalities. 


As a part of your right to accept or reject cookies, you may disable first-party cookies manually. However, this may prevent us from providing you with certain features and functionalities.

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are the ones that may be placed in your web browser by third parties when you visit our Site. These parties include the ones that manage the services that we provide. These cookies help third parties to track certain information about you when you visit our Site. 

You may choose to disable third-party cookies manually.

Advertising Cookies

These are cookies that are sent by the ad servers and advertisers to your computer and stored in your web browser. These are stored to help advertisers show advertisements that match your interest upon visiting our Site.  Such cookies help advertisers and ad servers to know your visit to the Site and other websites, keep a record of how frequently the ad placed has been viewed, and who has viewed the ads displayed. These cookies are stored in your browser but do not track any personal details. 

Secure Cookies

We may use secure cookies which come with encrypted information. These cookies may be used on checkout or payment pages on the Site for facilitating secure transactions. 

Session Cookies

These cookies cease the moment you leave our Site or post a few seconds of you leaving our Site. Session cookies enable our Site to remember you as a user and keep you logged in, remember the products you added to the cart and evaluate the time of the user session which is needed for analytics. 

How Can You Control Cookies?

You possess the right to accept or reject cookies. You can make use of your cookie rights by choosing your preference in the Cookie Consent Manager. With Cookie Consent Manager, you can accept and reject cookies. However, this may prevent us from providing you with certain features or functionality. 

To know more about how you can control or manage cookies, simply check your device or browser settings.

Web Beacons and Other Tracking Technologies

Cookies are unjust one way in which we can identify or track visitors to our Site. Apart from Cookies, we may use similar tracking technologies, and again, these may include web beacons, tracking pixels, or clear gifs. 


These are small graphics files that consist of a unique identifier that helps us to identify users visiting our Site, pening or e-mails, etc. 

These enable us to interact with cookies and track user traffic patterns from one website page to another within the website. 


Remember, you cannot disable tracking pixels and web beacons. However, you can certainly restrict their use by restricting cookies that communicate with them.

Privacy Policy

Please go through our Privacy Policy to understand how we use data collected via cookies and similar tracking technologies. The Cookie Policy is included in the Privacy Policy and by using our Site, you hereby accept to be bound by both our Cookie and Privacy Policy. 

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For any queries on the Cookie Policy, please reach out to us at: 


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