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How to find balance in life?

Is your life out of balance?  Do you feel mentally sluggish, emotionally drained every day? How to balance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs? Mental Wellness and well-being impact the way you feel about your life and the approach you take to living every day. 

Wellness is much more than just our physical health, exercise or nutrition, it is a lifelong process of making decisions to live a more balanced and meaningful life in different dimensions. There are always opportunities for enhancing our wellness. A good way to start is by evaluating your current state and establishing goals towards a fuller sense of well-being. 

What is a Wellness Wheel?

A Wellness Wheel is a visual guide that is used to assess all areas of one’s health. It is a continuous and active process of reaching optimal health in which a person becomes aware of or makes choices towards a more holistic existence. We often think of health and wellness in terms of fitness and diet, but there are so many other aspects to consider.


There are several types of wellness wheels, each highlighting different aspects of wellness. It can assist us in understanding this ongoing and active process for ourselves.


Amongst all Wellness Wheels, the most well-known ones are the 10 Dimensions of Wellness. So, let us straight away dig into the 10 Dimensions of Wellness, and its purposes.


I invite you to take this self-assessment, a Wellness Wheel, the 10 Dimensions of Wellness. You can use this self-assessment tool to determine the areas of wellness where you are thriving, as well as those that may need greater attention. Taking this assessment will also help you to reflect on components of health that you may not have considered or awared before. You can rate yourself in each aspect of your life on a scale of 1-10. (10 = Doing really well, 1 = Not at all )

10 Dimensions of Wellness:

  • Environmental Wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Emotional Wellness 
  • Work / Life Balance Wellness
  • Creativity Wellness
  • Social Wellness
  • Physical Health Wellness
  • Personal Growth Wellness
  • Sexuality Wellness
  • Financial Wellness

Questions to Ask When Using a "Wellness Wheel"

Physical Health: How can I improve my overall physical well-being? What habits or activities can support my physical health?

Emotional Well-being: What are some ways I can nurture and enhance my emotional well-being? How can I better manage stress and cultivate positive emotions?

Intellectual Growth: What activities or practices can I engage in to stimulate my mind and promote intellectual growth? How can I challenge myself intellectually?

Social Connections: How can I strengthen my social connections and build meaningful relationships? What steps can I take to foster a supportive and fulfilling social network?

Occupational Satisfaction: Am I satisfied with my current occupation? Does it align with my values and passions? How can I find greater fulfillment and purpose in my work?

Environmental Wellness: How can I create a more harmonious and sustainable environment around me? What actions can I take to promote a healthier and cleaner living space?

Spiritual Development: What practices or beliefs can help me deepen my spiritual connection? How can I explore my sense of purpose and find meaning in life?

Financial Stability: What steps can I take to improve my financial well-being? How can I better manage my finances and work towards long-term stability?

Leisure and Recreation: How can I incorporate more leisure activities and hobbies that bring me joy and relaxation? What can I do to prioritize self-care and enjoy recreational pursuits?

Personal Growth: In what areas of my life do I want to grow and develop? How can I set goals and cultivate personal growth in those areas?

Remember, the Wellness Wheel is a tool for self-reflection and self-improvement. Use these questions as a starting point to assess and enhance different aspects of your well-being.

How to Regain Balance in Life?

Now that you have finished rating on different areas of your “Wellness Wheel” and you can start
organizing your thoughts about the situation.

Here are the 2 steps:

Hypnotherapy Yoga Exercise
Step 1

For each dimension of wellness in the Wellness Wheel, write down one thing that you are already doing, or doing well, for that dimension of wellness.

Hypnotherapy Yoga Exercise
Step 2

Think about one more thing you would like to do (or could be doing better) to further enhance this dimension of wellness.

Plan out or set a goal for each of the components on your Wellness Wheel, and hang it or paste it somewhere so that you will see it regularly, referring to it once in 3 days or once a week for evaluation.

Embrace the Interconnectedness:
Nurturing Every Aspect For True Balance in Life

When we talk about the wellness wheel, it’s all about the components that are interconnected and essential to living a healthy and balanced life. It reminds all of us to improve our sense of well-being, focusing on just one area is insufficient, rather we must concentrate on all areas of our lives. You can regain your balance by knowing what you exactly need and make changes accordingly. 

Client A had a heavy drinking problem

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