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Why Hypnosis So Powerful?


In the use of Hypnosis as an adjunct to counselling – psychotherapy, there is a mix of conscious conversational communication and communication with the deeper sub-conscious in an altered state of consciousness (the TRANCE state), which means working with the whole brain. There are some special attributes of going into trance state, including

1. Highly Suggestible in Trance

Achieving physical relaxation and mental calmness helps you to move beyond/bypass your conscious intellect, therefore without criticism and highly suggestible at trance state, reaching the deeper feeling mind where changes occur easily.

2. Gain New Understandings from Long Forgot or Hidden Memories

Contact with deep, and often difficult, emotions and memories that have very often been avoided in everyday life, so that you can release the emotions, and also gain a new understanding from adult perspectives on past events

3. Revisit Younger Self and Upgrade the Inner Child

Unleashing of the power of the creative imagination, e.g. revisiting the inner child through regression to younger years and providing empowerment and support for high self-esteem.

4. Rewrite New Narrative in the Mind

An ability to change things by using the imagination to create a new narrative employing some fictional resources, especially for people who have undergone trauma and still have traumatized symptoms.

5. Rehearse New Desired Response Sets

In trance state, you have an ability to accomplish the behavioural rehearsal of new Response Sets (mood, words, actions) in a situation which was previously distressing. You are encouraged to see yourselves in the situation with your new choice. We will rehearse the use of your new chosen response sets with the positive feelings that arise, therefore reinforce the success that accompanies your use in everyday life.

The majority of our work with Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Havening rests on a basis of person-centred counselling. We believe that you can, with guidance, achieve your own goals and we facilitate that with the aid of the trance state, which gives you full access to the creative power of your own sub-conscious mind which in turn supports your ability to determine and behaviourally rehearse aspects of going forward in your own direction.

Written by: Sandy Wong

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