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How to Lift Your Self-Esteem In 3 Simple Steps?


Hypnosis for Self Esteem

Thinking Positive, but Feeling Negative?

No matter how much you try to think positive deep down you know your feelings are not always in accordance with the thinking. You know you should be positive but you just can’t genuinely feel any of this. Why?
Consciously, you are aware that you can voice out more, and you don’t need to bow down to other people, but you feel it’s so hard due to your emotional conditioning in the past, usually as a child. It is because the strong feelings reside in the deeper and more ancient brain structures than mere ‘surface’ conscious perception. There are some reasons why talk therapy does not work that why you have to be mentally positive to lift your self-esteem.

How The Low Self-Esteem Develops?

It can start developing from being bullied at schools, criticism from parents in childhood, etc. You might be inclined to please others, exclusively focussing on the needs of others but never on your own needs. And when it comes to relationships, you might find yourself not being good enough for your partner.

Early conditioning can persist into adulthood, causing low self-esteem. Emotional conditioning runs deep in the subconscious level that drives the feelings of worthlessness and self-hate.

We always need to work at the level of the problem, so how to work directly on the feelings that create low self-esteem?

Follow the steps below

Step 1: Be Your Own Observer

Recognize how self-destructive thoughts undermine you. Begin to view these toxic thoughts “from a distance.” When you start to view the thoughts ‘from the outside more, you identify with them less and detach yourself more from them.


Step 2: Identify What Triggers You

You need to identify what triggers your emotions and makes you feel alone, small, unloved, and insignificant. Bring yourself in the present moment to stop rumination or anticipation, so that you no longer get automatically triggered by old events or situations. It is crucial for clients to find the right therapist that they feel comfortable with and who has the necessary qualifications to address their concerns.

Step 3: Change The Meaning of Old Events

The beauty of hypnotherapy is that we can undo the emotional conditioning holding low self-esteem in place by changing the meaning/interpretation of the old events.

Through hypnosis, we can take you back to the time when you felt bad about yourself for the first time. For example, by standing up for yourself at the original event, you can choose to say calmly and assertively what you wish you had said at the time.

You will view it with an adult perspective and reframe the memory so the emotional tag in the mind is degraded. It would give you space to grow as a person in the current time, rather than constantly being dragged to the past by your emotional conditioning. As you look at those events differently, the memory is re-tagged as non-threatening, and you will no longer feel bad recalling that time.

By doing so, you can un-condition and reframe the feeling so that the feelings and thoughts change.

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