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5 Helpful Sleeping Tips to Get Better Sleep

5 Mind Skills to Learn to Get Better Sleep

Sleep deprivation has become a major problem these days. Many people find it difficult to have a good sleep, or even get into asleep. They tend to stay awake in the middle of the night, or for some people, even if they catch some sleep, they feel exhausted or drowsy when they wake up.

Remedies for Sleep Deprivation

There are some good routines you can develop to have good sleep, like having some sunlight during the day, listening to slow music, journaling to put down your thoughts, having a warm bath before sleep, not using electronic device before you go to sleep, diffusing Vetiver pure relaxing essential oil during sleep, etc which help you get to sleep.

However, if you already have good routines and still don’t have goodnight sleep, I like to share with you 5 mind skills today that you must learn to have better sleep.

5 Helpful Sleeping Tips to Get Better Sleep

1. Breathing Exercise

hen you go to sleep, concentrating on breathing allow you to stay in the present moment. You need to concentrate on your breathing ONLY while inhaling and exhaling air strongly at regular intervals, sensing the rise and fall of your lower abdomen.

Every breath you take, you relax yourself more and more. Being mindful of the sound and sensation of your breaths and let it take you deeper. In this way, your mind chat will slowly recede and you will guide yourself to a calmer relaxing state.

2. Imagination

In order to quiet your mind from all kinds of thoughts, you can proactively occupy your mind and maximaze your concentration with imagination, and take yourself to a beautiful relaxing place, e.g. imagine yourself floating on the cloud and snuggle down the blanket, feeling comfortable; or imagine yourself drifting along the river on a boat. Of course you need to choose activities that make you feel safe and calm.

During the imagination, you can add some kind of stimulus that works best to keep you mentally relaxed, it can be imagining some nature sound or relaxing music in the background, or the sensation of warmth of the firewood, etc. Eventually your mind will let you have a peaceful sleep for feeling safe and calm.

3. Drawing Circles in the Mind

Try to imagine yourself drawing circles in an anti-clockwise direction and counting down from 500 to 0, visualize yourself sleep soundly on your comfortable bed. Your mind learns to wind down and you will get to have a good sleep this way.

4. Positive Inner Talk

Worrying about not able to sleep well will only make the mind wonders more and worsen anxiety symptoms for those who suffer from it. By learning to let go of your worries and give yourself reassurance that you can have goodnight sleep, you let yourself relax and let sleep come to you naturally

5. Listen to Binaural Beats

A Study using binaural beats at a delta frequency of 3 Hz showed that these beats induced delta activity in the brain and can help you sleep better.

The quantity and quality of sleep were improved in this study as a result of auditory stimulation with delta binaural beat. Participants also had a better post-sleep mood, along with a significant reduction in anxiety and anger.

6. Sleep Hypnosis

You can master sleep hypnosis to get good sleep. In sleep hypnosis, you take your mind into a trance like state by making yourself totally relax through body scan relaxation, then suggest a desirable command for yourself, e.g. telling your mind that it’s natural to fall and stay asleep. Invite sleep comes to you every night when you go to bed. Besides using the ones in YouTube, you can record your own hypnosis that fits you own needs.

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