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Myths of Hypnosis - Make it Happen Hypnotherapy

“Thanks” for the movies and TV shows, hypnosis is always depicted as a person being put to sleep with swinging watches; or an entertainment on the stage, influencing people to do silly things. In real life, hypnotherapy is none of these crazy things, but training the brain

#Myth 1: Hypnosis is a state of unconscious or sleep

False. Hypnosis is a state of altered consciousness, when a person’s concentration is narrowly focused. The key factors are an absorption of awareness, relaxation of the body, and a dissociation from your surroundings.

Hypnotherapist doesn’t want you to fall asleep, but being in a relaxed and focused state. Hypnosis or trance, allows you to communicate more directly to the subconscious part of your mind, in which your suggestibility is heightened in order to achieve the goal that you want, that’s why it is so powerful.

Changes in brain patterns occur during hypnosis. Studies show that the brainwave will change from beta brainwave to alpha brainwave, and the activity decreases in the left hemisphere of the brain during hypnosis while it is heightened in the right hemisphere. This means you will perceive your circumstances in a less analytical way and more in terms of emotions and images.

#Myth 2: Hypnotherapy is “being hypnotised”

False. All hypnosis and the induction of a hypnotic trance is self hypnosis. The hypnotherapist cannot “hypnotise” you without your consent. It is you who choose to experience it, you who bring it into effect yourself by desiring it and by expecting that you will succeed. During the induction, the hypnotherapist teaches you how to relax and enter that special zone easily.

Having an open mind and a willingness to attend a hypnosis session is great way to start. Within few sessions, you will be grateful that you are already free from the bad habit, or achieve the goal you want.

#Myth 3: You are not in control during hypnosis

False. Therapeutic Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is far different from stage hypnosis. A patient is active participant in entering hypnosis, and the hypnotherapist is the guide to help the patient enter the hypnosis trance state. A hypnotherapist can’t put any hypnosis subject under their spell to do things against their moral code or act in a way they don’t wish to act. You are in control of your hypnosis session at all times. You have the power to emerge from your relaxed state at any time.

Being in trance just like when we watch a movie, and we are totally absorbed in it. We laugh, we cry, we get scared even though we know that it is unreal. Hypnosis is just an alternative way of inducing a trance-like state. A trained professional performing hypnotherapy is following a code of ethics and should be registered with a reputable organization, such as Australia Hypnotherapy Association (AHA).

#Myth 4: Hypnosis doesn’t really work

False. Hypnosis works using deep relaxation and visualization techniques designed to quiet the conscious mind. As your usual perceptions of the world around you are temporarily suspended, you are free to access your subconscious mind with its vast reservoir of resources which can empower you to make changes within.

Hypnotherapy enables you to uncover beliefs and attitudes that prevent you from making changes in your life. Using your imagination in the focused state of hypnosis is a powerful tool that assists you in achieving your goal. Whether you want to loss weight, sleep better, increase confidence, release fears or let go of unhealthy stress responses, imagining your positive outcome is a key component of hypnosis.

#Myth 5: Only Mentally Weak People Can Be Hypnotized

False. You cannot be hypnotized against your will, All it takes is willingness, paired with enough concentration to follow simple instructions. So, everyone can be hypnotized.

The use of suggestibility in hypnosis is not related to weakness or being submissive. Studies suggest that people of above average intelligence, who have great creativity and a vivid imagination usually are the best subjects.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful resource for any individual who desires change in their life. By allowing yourself to replace unwanted attitudes and beliefs with healthy/helpful alternatives to support a greater sense of well being, hypnosis can help you.

#Myth 6: You may not wake up from a hypnotic trance

False. Everyone, without fail, comes out of a hypnotic state. There are clients who might found the experience is so pleasurable that they don’t want to be fully awake so soon

#Myth 7: You can’t move in a hypnotic state

False. You are free to move anytime during hypnosis to make yourself more comfortable

#Myth 8: A hypnotherapist can cure you in 1 session

This can happen. But a lot of times might not a permanent result. Most behavioral change requires more dedication and persistence to produce lasting results. When working with a hypno-psychotherapist, be prepared to commit to least 4-5 sessions for a singular issue for long term positive changes.

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