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Top 10 Hypnotherapists in Brisbane

Top 10 Hypnotherapists Brisbane

Would you like to know how to release the untapped potential of your subconscious mind and make positive transformations in your life? If the answer is yes, you should rejoice because we have conducted deep research to find the Top 10 hypnotherapists in Brisbane.

Hypnotherapy has become very popular in Brisbane. The implications of hypnotherapy are manifold and range from overcoming phobias, stress management, personal development to life change.

Let’s look at the Top 10 hypnotherapists in Brisbane who are ready to accelerate your self-improvement journey. 

Criteria for Selection

To create our list of the top 10 hypnotherapists in Brisbane, we conducted thorough research to ensure we spotlight the most skilled professionals in the field. Our selection criteria included a variety of crucial factors such as their qualifications, years of experience, client testimonials, and documented success stories. We prioritized hypnotherapists who have shown exceptional proficiency in helping clients achieve their goals through hypnotherapy sessions.

In addition to these primary factors, we also considered their areas of specialization, professional affiliations and dedication to continuous education. This ensures they remain updated with the latest hypnotherapy practices. Each hypnotherapist on our list boasts a solid reputation for success, distinguishing them as the leading practitioners in Brisbane.

Top 10 Hypnotherapists in Brisbane

1. Make It Happen Hypnotherapy (Toowong & Online)

Do you want to make a positive change but can’t do it yourself? One of the best hypnotherapy clinics out there is Make It Happen Hypnotherapy.

Sandy Wong, Founder of Make It Happen Hypnotherapy, has an innate gift for hypnotherapy, having quickly become one of the best hypnotherapists in Brisbane due to her individualized attention and methods that get results.

She excels at helping people overcome emotional challenges and upgrade the subconscious programming of their current relationship patterns, whether with their own relationship, addictions, or people. Sandy takes individuals step by step towards personal transformation, and removing any blocks along the way. 

MIHH has an incredible track record of assisting 790+ clients to quit addictions, manage their weight, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and overcome anxiety, stress, lack of sleep and improve relationships.

Their evidence-based procedures and customer satisfaction focus are one of the reasons why Sandy at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy is first among the Top 10 hypnotherapists in Brisbane.

2. Heart of the Matter (Aspley)

Heart of the Matter provides comprehensive support to enhance various aspects of individuals’ lives. Through their services, they assist in promoting individual well-being by offering personalized counselling and strategies customized to address specific needs and challenges. They specialize in helping anybody manage stress and anxiety, equipping them with adaptive mechanisms and techniques to face life’s pressures effectively. 

Heart of the Matter facilitates the cultivation of healthy relationships, whether it be in personal, familial, or professional spheres. By having open communication, empathy, and understanding, they empower clients to build and maintain fulfilling connections. It also offers expertise in creating thriving workplaces by promoting a positive organizational culture, enhancing employee wellbeing, and facilitating conflict resolution strategies when needed.

3. Mindful Hypnotherapy (St Southport QLD) 

Mindful Hypnotherapy introduces a cautious approach to hypnotherapy. The process comprises the following: assisting the client in creating an increased awareness of him/herself and drawing conclusions about the subconscious mind’s role.

Mindful Hypnotherapy team is trained and prepared to give their clients practical, valuable guidance to them in their discovery and empowerment process. They sublimate this to let them out of the entrenched situations they got into and to enjoy life better. This helps clients to break free from negative patterns and achieve greater fulfilment in life

4. Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic (Hawthorne)

The leader of Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic, Suzan Teyxira, qualifies with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Therefore, she employs the latest hypnotherapy solutions to treat diverse kinds of situations, such as anxiety, fear, and quitting smoking.

This clinic offers an expert crew of hypnotherapists who handle various issues, such as depression, improving confidence, and pain management. 

5. Brisbane Hypnosis Centre (Everton Park)

Carol Moore, gives a lead in weight loss programs, anxiety problems as well and self-esteem issues, which are considered to be major barriers to most people. Her persistence in helping clients to acquire a lasting change that tends to put her among the best hypnotherapists in Brisbane

Brisbane Hypnosis Centre aids clients to achieve quicker and long-lasting change via a team of well-skilled hypnotherapists who can turn this into a reality by mixing traditional hypnotherapy techniques with the recent advancements in this field to provide a successful outcome.

6. Hypnotherapy Queensland (Wickham Terrace)

Hypnotherapy Queensland has a reputation as a talented hypnotherapist that operates in Brisbane. They have the expertise of hypnotherapy in the treatment of trauma-related diseases, pain management, and performance improvement.

Hypnotherapy Queensland has maintained its position among an esteemed group of therapists and continues offering a diverse range of hypnotherapy services in Brisbane, focusing on quality care. 

7. Rapid Couples Counselling and Hypnotherapy Brisbane (Greenslopes)

Rapid Couples Counselling provides a range of services designed to address various personal and relational challenges. They offer effective techniques for anxiety reduction, helping clients manage and alleviate anxiety symptoms. Their weight control programs assist individuals in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through hypnotherapy. Depression elimination is another key focus, where they provide strategies to help clients overcome depressive feelings and improve their overall mental health. 

For those experiencing relationship difficulties, they offer targeted support to resolve conflicts and strengthen partnerships. Men facing divorce and separation can find specialized assistance to face these transitions smoothly. Both men and women struggling with issues of intimacy can benefit from their hypnotherapy sessions to enhance their intimate relationships. 

8. Bekinda To Yourself Therapies (East Brisbane)

Bekinda To Yourself Therapies provides a range of services aimed at promoting overall well-being and personal growth. They offer personalized 1:1 therapy and coaching sessions, that address individual needs and support personal development. Their main focus is on women’s wellness which includes specialized programs and therapies designed to address the unique challenges women face, promoting physical, emotional, and mental health. 

They also help individuals manage general stress and anxiety through effective therapeutic techniques. To support professional environments, they conduct workplace seminars that focus on enhancing employee well-being, reducing stress, and creating a positive and productive work atmosphere.

9. New Farm Hypnotherapy (Brunswick)

New Farm Hypnotherapy is a respected hypnotherapist in Brisbane. It delivers clinical assistance for patients with a disability and personality-related problems. Reducing anxiety, losing weight, or breaking a pattern or habit can be achieved with their assistance, as that is what they specialize in.

Their team includes Antoine Matarasso and other qualified hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, and nutrition specialists. New Farm Hypnotherapy Clinic has the experience and skills to help you make the change you desire and achieve the best possible outcome. 

10. Natalie Hedges Soul Healer (The Gap)

Natalie Hedges’ Soul Healer clinic is where you can come and disclose your story to Natalie at any time, as she has time for her clients. The trance therapy that will happen at Natalie-Hedge Centre’s office will help relieve the stress and will let you work to modify and quit the actions you wished you could stop due to either anxiety or other negative emotions.

Why Choose Make It Happen Hypnotherapy?

Make It Happen Hypnotherapy operates not only as a therapeutic outlet but also as a comprehensive coaching platform. The highly qualified hypnotherapists at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy apply psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, Havening for a deep level of relaxation and releasing emotional problems. MIHH’s wide range of services makes it one of the best wellness centre in Brisbane.

MIHH incorporates Profound Sonambulism exploring deep into your subconscious mind and your higher self to uncover hidden insights and facilitate healing on a profound level. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques seamlessly integrate into the practice, offering practical tools for reprogramming your thought patterns and behaviours. With the power of language and perception, you can overcome limitations and cultivate positive change in your lives.

Moreover, Make It Happen Hypnotherapy embraces Havening techniques, a cutting-edge method for emotional healing and stress reduction. You can release pent-up emotions through gentle touch and distraction techniques and experience calm and relaxation.

Final Verdict

In Australia, you can find a wide range of gifted hypnotherapists who are dedicated to assisting their clients to achieve success and live the life to the fullest. Considering qualifications, experience, client reviews, and success stories are the reasons why Make It Happen Hypnotherapy is first among the Top 10 hypnotherapists in Brisbane.

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