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What Is The Cost of Hypnotherapy?

Cost of Hypnotherapy

How Have You Been Solving Your Problems?

Many people harbor the belief that they can solve many of their personal inadequacies through their willpower, but their problems don’t show any signs of resolution. In addition, some people come with a long medical history of having gone to psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, and physicians without much success in remedying their problems. These interventions failed to make any positive impact in resolving problems. And people continue to struggle even after having participated in therapies for years altogether.

Why Talk Therapy Doesn’t Work?

In most cases, the root of the problem emanates from the mind. And all the interventions of conventional therapies are directed at the symptoms, and limited to the level of the conscious mind. And most people tend to grow more desperate with just “talking” about their problems and not getting anywhere. They simply don’t realize that the root of their problems, lies in the subconscious mind. This is the main reason why talk therapy doesn’t work.

Subconscious Mind Plays a Big Part

In most cases, individuals do not understand why they can’t put an end to certain unwanted behaviors or why they harbor so much fear or why are they stuck in a negative loop pattern. All these perpetuates because the subconscious mind is in-charge in a default mode. It is the part of the mind that is beyond the realm of the conscious mind that you don’t have much knowledge about.

Here, you should look at Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy as the real solution to your problems as we help you to rewire the brain. Experts in this domain happen to be professionally certified therapists who are proficient at working with the subconscious mind. They can resolve long-standing personal and medical problems through psychological, somatic, mental, emotional and spiritual means.

You can check frequently asked questions about hypnosis that are commonly asked of our therapists.

How Much is a Hypnotherapy Session?

Now that you have an idea about hypnotherapy, let’s talk about the monetary factor associated with hypnotherapy in Australia. Although hypnotherapy remains unregulated in Australia to date, the experience, knowledge, and professionalism of the therapists make a huge difference in the therapeutic services being offered.

Cost of Hypnotherapy Session

  • Long Term Solution: To solve your problem, you must be looking for a real solution, a solution with long-term results and effectiveness, not just a bandage. Instead of continuing to spend a substantial amount of their money, time and effort for medication and other therapies, you can opt for a professional hypnotherapist. They can offer you the most effective and lasting solution in the course of just a few sessions. It is best to be a program, tailor-made to your specific needs. Unlike other conventional therapies, you will not be required to see a therapist for years, and in a matter of a few sessions, you can achieve your desired outcome.
  • Actual Fees: Cost of Hypnotherapy in Australia will vary anywhere between AU$99 – 600 per session for an adult. The degree of intervention and the complexity of the problem will determine the number of sessions needed. People visiting “Make it Happen hypnotherapy” will be given a free gift – a professionally made hypnosis audio after each of their sessions. This makes our services a good proposition offering value for money. Our clients have stated that repeated listening of the hypnosis audio has improved their lives significantly. Cost of Hypnotherapy We have different Pricing for different age groups. We also offer hypnotherapy programs with huge discounts. Above all, we keep our services cost-effective to ensure that you are progressing, improving and maintaining the best state of mind for a long period of time.

Pointers for Selecting a Hypnotherapist

When looking for a good hypnotherapist, you may look at few aspects, including their qualification, years of clinical experience, what approaches they use when comes to solving your problem:

  • Qualification:  Since hypnotherapy is unregulated in Australia, it is suggested you check if the therapist has taken an intensive professional accredited course, not just a few days course. Sandy, our lead Clinical Hypnotherapist has earned her Diploma from one of the most reputed and trusted institution in Australia – the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (ICHP), it is affiliated to the National Council for Hypnotherapy in UK. Besides the clinical application of evidence-based hypnotherapy and psychotherapy (CBT), she also has training in Havening, NLP techniques, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques (QHHT) from the well-known hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon. Sandy being a member of the Australia Hypnotherapist Association (AHA) ensures that her work gets regularly supervised for the highest standards of quality.
  • Experience: Do not restrict to the work experience of the therapist alone, but also ensure to check their social proof through Google reviews. Starting from 2017, Sandy has been helping clients with a wide range of issues with equally successful outcomes. She is extremely conversant with the application of psychotherapeutic models. Here’s the link where you can check Google reviews received by Sandy’s clinic – Make It Happen Hypnotherapy.
  • Beyond Symptoms: When looking for a good hypnotherapist, it is important to learn about their approach. It is best to call them and ask what they can do about your problem. By asking the right questions, you will be able make out whether the therapist is experienced enough in helping you with your problems. Ensure that the therapist not only work on the symptoms, but also is capable of working on the underlying emotional and psychological issues that are troubling you.
  • Therapy with a Holistic Approach: Most hypnotherapists work by introducing suggestions into your subconscious mind to change thoughts which causes a behavioural change. It works well for some people but not all. And for some, it also serves as a bandage, not a long-term solution. Most hypnotherapists are taught this behavioural suggestion type of hypnosis and they use it as their main approach, however this approach don’t work to eliminate the root cause of the problem – which is delinking emotions and changing the perception towards the problem. An experienced hypnotherapist comes with the knowledge and experience to help you to delink your heavy emotions related to the past. They have the skills for reframing and changing perceptions, working with your inner child and more. After the therapy, you will be an empowered individual with a changed perspective towards life. At Make It Happen Hypnotherapy, we recognize, identify the subconscious as the root cause and work on releasing you from the control of “unconscious programming.” With hypnotherapy you will be in more control over your life with an “updated programming” of the mind. Our therapy approach is holistic. We consider inducing hypnosis in a person as the means for carrying out the healing work. In most cases, hypnotherapy is combined with psychotherapy and other modalities to bring the best outcome in the individuals get Cost of Hypnotherapy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is there a difference between a hypnotist & a hypnotherapist?

Answer: Yes, there is a marked difference between the two. A hypnotist will usually only be using suggestion therapy which is a behavior-based therapy. Whereas an experienced hypnotherapist is equipped to work with underlying causes within the subconscious to bring real changes. They will help you clear old and outdated patterns of thinking, remedy inner conflicts, heal emotional pain and more.

Q2. Does the age of the hypnotherapist matter?

Answer: No, as long as they have the necessary training, knowledge, expertise, and experience – age really does not matter. Our lead therapist – Sandy is at her 30s, but comes with a wealth of experience of having treated thousands of clients with success. Also, years of experience cannot be equated to a high degree of skill in the hypnotherapist.

Q3. Can one get a reimbursement on the hypnotherapy fee through Medicare?

Answer: No, to date hypnotherapists are not covered under Medicare.

Q4. Can one claim Private Health Funds for the hypnotherapy sessions?

Answer: Sandy, our lead hypnotherapist is qualified to give a receipt for a refund with your Private Health Fund. By the end of the session, you shall receive a receipt to claim your fund as you ask. Please note that some Private Health Fund Provider requires the Hypnotherapist to be also a Psychologist. In this case, you are not able to get a rebate.

So, don’t give up on resolving your problems. If you are open to “alternatives”, Hypnotherapy is your real solution. Call us now for a FREE consultation.

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