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4 Unmistakable Signs Your Higher Self is Talking To You

signs your higher self is talking to you

Life is full of challenges. We all grapple with tough questions, confusing emotions, and tricky decisions. In the midst of all this, there’s a calm, wise voice that often goes unheard. This voice is our Higher Self. But it’s not always easy to hear this voice, especially with our ego constantly trying to take the front seat. So, how do we recognize when our Higher Self is trying to get our attention?

In this blog, we will delve into the intersection of ego and higher self, share four key signs your Higher Self is talking to you, and examine how techniques like Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) can assist you to get the guidance you seek from your higher self. Our goal is to help you better understand and connect with this deep source of wisdom within you, leading to increased clarity and personal growth.

The Paradox of Ego vs Higher Self

The ego and the higher self are two aspects of our being that can sometimes seem contradictory. The ego is the part of us that is focused on self-preservation and self-esteem. It is the part of us that thinks it’s in control, the part that wants to be right and doesn’t like to be wrong. On the other hand, the higher self is the part of us that knows the truth about who we are. It is the part of us that is always guiding us towards our true nature and our purpose in life.

The paradox of ego and higher self is that while the ego may think it’s in control, it is actually the higher self that is ultimately in charge. The ego is the part of us that wants to be in control, but it’s the higher self that allows us to make the best decisions for our true selves. The ego is never satisfied, always striving for more, but it’s the higher self that allows us to feel whole and complete.

The Intersection of Ego and Higher Self

In my practice as a QHHT practitioner, I’ve had the honor of facilitating countless clients in unlocking the serenity and wisdom inherent in their higher selves. This aspect, often seen as a calming and insightful presence within us, is an invaluable source of guidance.

The key to accessing this wisdom in QHHT is creating an environment where the ego can take a back seat. This shift allows the intuitive faculties of the right brain to come to the forefront. As clients become more engaged with these intuitive processes and begin to feel safe within the supportive environment we create, a bridge to their higher self starts to form.

Imagine a ship sailing on the ocean. The ego can be likened to the ship’s captain, who makes decisions based on the information at hand and ensures the safety and well-being of the crew. However, the captain isn’t infallible and may not see the larger picture. This is where the higher self comes in, like a guiding star, providing a larger perspective and direction. The higher self doesn’t replace the captain but offers guidance, ensuring the ship is moving in the right direction.


Experiencing the Ego vs Higher Self through QHHT

During a QHHT session, clients enter a state of deep relaxation, allowing them to bypass the chatter of the ego and connect directly with their higher self. This process is not about disempowering the ego, but about bringing forth the wisdom of the higher self to guide and inform the ego.

From the numerous sessions conducted, we’ve seen clients gain clarity on their life’s purpose, make better decisions, and improve their relationships. Clients who were once predominantly “ego-driven” learn to accept the wisdom of their higher self.

Exploring How the Conscious Self Could Perceive QHHT Experiences

In a QHHT session, our goal is to encourage the conscious self, or ego, to momentarily step aside, allowing the higher self to step forward and take control. This shift is essential for facilitating deep introspection and connection.

However, due to the inherent protective instincts of the ego, some clients may experience moments of doubt or skepticism during the session. This skepticism often arises as the ego attempts to regain control or make sense of the unfamiliar experiences. Clients may grapple with questions like, “Did I imagine it?” or “Was that really my higher self talking or just myself making it up?” These questions are natural and even expected, given the ego’s role in our daily lives. There are always signs you can tell when your higher self is talking to you.

It’s important for clients to approach the QHHT experience with preparation, an open mind and observe their inner experiences without judgment. Trusting in the higher self’s guidance can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and our connection to the universe. It’s also worth noting that the conscious mind may struggle to comprehend or accept certain aspects of the QHHT experience, but with time and practice, it becomes easier to connect with the higher self and trust in the process.

In essence, the QHHT experience can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and growth. By surrendering our ego and allowing the higher self to guide us, we can access a wealth of knowledge and insight that is often hidden from our conscious minds. It’s important to approach the experience with an open heart and an open mind, and to trust that our higher self knows what it’s doing.

Understanding the Signs When Connecting with Your Higher Self in QHHT

When we connect to our higher self during a QHHT or Past Life Regression session, it can be a powerful and transformative experience. It can bring us a sense of clarity, understanding, and inner peace. While it’s not always easy to recognize when we’re truly connected to our higher self, there are some telltale signs to look out for.

1. Sense of Calmness and Tranquility

One of the most common signs is a sense of calmness and tranquility. When we’re connected to our higher self, we may feel a sense of inner peace and serenity that we don’t usually experience in our everyday lives. We may also experience a strong sense of intuition, as if we just know things without any logical explanation.

2. Surrounded by a Healing Energy

Another sign is a feeling of expansion or heightened awareness. It’s as if our consciousness expands beyond the limits of our physical body, allowing us to see and experience things from a broader perspective. This can manifest as a feeling of warmth or vibration in the body, as if we’re surrounded by a healing energy. 

3. Answer Questions Beyond Your Knowledge

When we’re truly connected to our higher self, we may also be able to answer questions that we have no knowledge of. It’s as if the answers are coming from a source outside of ourselves, one that has a deeper and broader understanding of the universe. 

4. Travel Beyond Time and Space

In addition, we may experience time and space in a different way during a QHHT or Past Life Regression Therapy session. It’s as if we’re traveling through different dimensions and timelines, without any restrictions or limitations. This can help us see situations from a higher perspective and gain a deeper understanding of our lives and purpose.

After a QHHT session, many people report feeling a deep sense of inner peace and transformation. They may have gained new insights and understanding of their lives, and become more objective in their thinking. They may have also realized blind spots in their lives, and taken steps to address them.

These signs can help us understand when we are truly connected to our higher self.

Using QHHT to Connect Deeper With Our Higher Self

QHHT is a powerful tool that can help us connect with our higher self and gain a deeper understanding of our true nature. By exploring our past lives, we can gain insights into our current life and our purpose. By connecting with our higher self, we can tap into our intuition and make decisions that are in alignment with our true selves.

By using QHHT, we can advise our conscious selves and make better decisions that align with our true nature. We can better understand the paradox of the ego and the higher self and navigate their intersection. We can integrate the primal, instinctual aspects of ourselves with the spiritual, sentient beings we are meant to be. It allows us to see the whole web of life and understand our place in it.


Recognizing the signs your Higher Self is talking to you can be a transformative experience. It can lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your life’s purpose. As you learn to recognize and trust these signs, you’ll find yourself on a journey of growth, discovery, and profound spiritual fulfillment. Remember, your Higher Self is always ready to guide and support you, waiting for you to listen.

As an experienced QHHT practitioner, I can attest that the journey to connect with your Higher Self is one of the most rewarding journeys you can undertake. QHHT is a powerful tool that can help us attain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. By trusting our inner guide, we can allow the higher self to guide us towards a path of greater prosperity, both spiritually and consciously. Usually, many individuals who finish a QHHT session have a high realization. They experience greater clarity and certainty about what they want in life and knowing what make them feel more fulfilled.

When we trust our inner guide and allow the higher self to guide us, we can feel a sense of calm and peace within us. We can see things more clearly and make decisions that are aligned with our true nature. We become more aware of our instincts, and we can better integrate our earthly and spiritual selves.



Written by:
Maylin Lim, QHHT Practitioner at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy

Edited by:
Sandy Wong, Founder, QHHT Practitioner at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

The higher self and the soul are often used interchangeably, but some spiritual traditions make a distinction between the two. The higher self is seen as the aspect of our consciousness that connects us to the divine, while the soul is considered to be the immortal essence of our being that carries our individual identity and experiences from one lifetime to the next.

The higher self is typically considered to be a nameless aspect of our consciousness that is beyond individual identity. Some spiritual practitioners may use terms like “divine self” or “true self” to refer to this aspect, but there is no specific name or label that is universally recognized for the higher self.

There are many practices that can help to connect with the higher self, such as meditation, journaling, spending time in nature, and practicing self-reflection. It is also important to cultivate a state of openness and receptivity, and to trust your intuition and inner guidance. Consistent practice and patience are key to deepening this connection.

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