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Understanding the Meaning of Higher Self

what does higher self mean

The concept of “Higher Self” is not new, but it has been redefined in modern times and new age to include ideas of higher consciousness, highest self, divine self, and the true self. Connecting with your higher self allows us to tap into our inner wisdom and connect with our true purpose and potential. In this article, we will dive into understanding the higher self meaning, how people in ancient times connect with higher self and how you can connect with higher self in different ways for personal growth and transformation.

Understanding The Higher Self Meaning

The term ‘higher self’ is used to describe the eternal, fully conscious, and divine aspect of ourselves. The higher self is the source of our wisdom, spiritual guidance, and innate love. It transcends the boundaries of our physical existence and individual personality and serves as a bridge to the universal consciousness. The higher self isn’t bound by our past experiences, emotions, or limited perceptions. It’s an all-knowing and all-loving entity that guides us towards our true purpose, illuminates our spiritual path, and helps us achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Understanding the higher self meaning requires acknowledging that we’re more than our physical bodies and mundane experiences. We’re spiritual beings having a human experience, and within us resides a divine essence that is our higher self. The higher self is the part of ourselves that is connected to a higher power or consciousness. It is the part of us that is always present and communicates with us through intuition and inner knowing. It is the part of us that is not bound by our physical body or our ego.

Although your higher self is always present, it can be challenging to connect with it in our everyday lives. This is because our minds are often cluttered with thoughts, worries, and distractions. However, with practice, we can learn to connect with our higher selves and tap into its wisdom and guidance.

The Importance of the Higher Self

Our higher self holds our soul’s blueprint and is aware of our life’s purpose. It helps guide our decisions and actions in alignment with our highest good and spiritual growth. By connecting with our higher self, we gain access to spiritual wisdom, find clarity during challenging times, and develop a deeper understanding of our place in the universe.

Connecting with our higher self also promotes personal growth. It encourages us to transcend our limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, evolve spiritually and feel fulfilled in life. The higher self inspires us to live authentically and helps us recognize and utilize our potential fully.

How People in Ancient Times Connect With Divine Self or Higher Consciousness?

In ancient times, spiritual practices were an integral part of people’s lives and were often seen as a means of connecting with the divine or higher self. From the ancient Egyptians and Greeks to the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and Asia, various cultures had their own unique spiritual practices and beliefs.

For instance, the ancient Egyptians believed in the existence of a higher self, which they called the “ka.” This was seen as a person’s life force or spirit, which could exist independently of the physical body. They also practiced meditation and ritual ceremonies to connect with their gods and goddesses, and to gain greater insights into the mysteries of the universe.

Similarly, the Greeks believed in the concept of a “daemon,” which was seen as a divine spirit or guiding force that could help individuals to achieve their true potential. They also engaged in various spiritual practices, such as divination and prayer, to communicate with the gods and seek guidance.

In many Indigenous cultures, spiritual practices were also an essential part of daily life, and were often centered around the concept of a higher self or spirit. For instance, the Navajo believed in the existence of a “nalchik,” which was seen as a person’s inner spirit or essence. They also engaged in various ceremonies, such as the sweat lodge and vision quest, to connect with their higher selves and gain greater understanding of the world around them.

Throughout history, people have recognized the importance of spiritual practices and connecting with their higher selves as a means of gaining greater insight, understanding, and fulfillment in their lives.

How to Connect with Your Higher Self?

There are many ways to connect with your higher self. And here are few ways that you can do on your own:


Meditation helps quiet the mind and allows you to tune into your inner voice. It is a powerful tool for connecting with your higher self and gaining insights into your life. 

Journaling & Spending time in nature

Journaling and spending time in nature can also help you connect with your higher self by providing a space for introspection, reflection, and quiet contemplation. This can lead to greater self-awareness, a deeper sense of inner peace, and a stronger connection to your intuition and inner guidance.

Other Ways to Connect With Your Higher Self

If you’re struggling to connect with your higher self, seeking the assistance of a trained hypnotherapist or practitioner can provide valuable support and guidance to help you establish a stronger connection and gain insights.

1. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a form of hypnotherapy that is specifically designed to help you connect with your higher self. It was developed by Dolores Cannon and is based on her extensive research into Past Life Regression and healing. QHHT is a powerful tool for connecting with your higher self and gaining insights into your life.

2. Clinical Hypnotherapy

Another way to connect with your higher self is through Clinical Hypnotherapy. Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you connect with your higher self by guiding you into a deep state of relaxation and accessing your higher self. This can help you gain insight, clarity, and guidance from your higher self, leading to greater self-awareness, personal growth, and healing. Learn about the difference between hypnosis and meditation.

3. Akashic Record 

The Akashic Records are said to contain the energetic imprints of every soul and their journey through time. Accessing the Records can provide insight and guidance from one’s higher self, leading to greater self-awareness, healing, and a deeper understanding of one’s purpose in life.

How to Know You're Connected to Your Higher Self?

Recognizing the connection with your higher self can be subtle, but there are unmistakable signs you can tell when your higher self is talking to you. You may experience a sense of inner peace, increased intuition, or find yourself making decisions that align with your highest good. Synchronicities might increase, and you might receive insights or solutions to problems seemingly out of nowhere.

It’s also common to experience a sense of unconditional love and compassion towards oneself and others. You might find yourself drawn towards spiritual practices and have an increased desire to understand your life’s purpose.

Conclusion: Connect With Your Higher Self

Understanding the higher self meaning can open up new paths for spiritual growth and self-discovery. It is an ongoing journey of inner transformation that leads to living a more fulfilling, authentic life. By connecting with our higher selves, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our purpose in life. We can also tap into our inner wisdom and guidance and navigate life’s challenges with more ease and grace.

If you are interested in connecting with your higher self, there are many practices you can try. These practices include meditation, journaling, spending time in nature and listening to your intuition. You can also look for a QHHT practitioner, past life regression therapist or a hypnotherapist to help you to establish a stronger connection with your higher self for guidance.

Remember that your higher self is always present and communicating with you. All you need to do is learn to quiet your mind and listen to its guidance. Trust in the wisdom of your higher self and have faith that it will guide you towards your highest good.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

As we embark on our spiritual journey, we may experience moments of heightened awareness and a sense of divine energy within us. When your higher self is talking to you, you may feel a deep sense of stillness and peace, as if our words are flowing effortlessly from a place of high vibration. Trusting in the presence of your higher self can be a powerful tool on the path of spirituality.

The concept of the higher self is often used to describe a deeper level of consciousness or spiritual essence that exists beyond our everyday awareness. Here are some examples of what the higher self might represent:

  1. Inner wisdom: The higher self is often seen as a source of deep wisdom and insight that can help guide us on our path.

  2. Higher purpose: Connecting with the higher self can help us to discover our true purpose in life and align with our highest potential.

  3. Intuition: The higher self is believed to be the source of our intuition and inner guidance, helping us to make authentic and fulfilling choices.

  4. Divine connection: Some people see the higher self as a connection to the divine or spiritual realm, allowing us to tap into a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

  5. Universal consciousness: The higher self is also sometimes associated with the concept of universal consciousness, representing a shared spiritual essence that exists within all living beings.

The higher self is not typically associated with a physical appearance, as it is considered to be a deeper level of consciousness or spiritual essence that exists beyond our physical form.

Some people may experience a sense of the presence of their higher self during meditation or other spiritual practices, but this is often described in more abstract or symbolic terms, such as a feeling of inner peace, a sense of lightness, or a connection to a higher power.

The higher self is believed to be a part of our inner being that is always present and available to us, providing guidance, wisdom, and support on our journey through life.

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