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Messages from Another Dimension Through Past Lives Regression

Your QHHT Session & How to Prepare

Past Lives Regression

In a time where the connection between dimensions is a budding topic of fascination and inquiry, DW found herself as an unwitting bridge to a realm that far surpasses our understanding of reality. Through her QHHT sessions — an avenue of exploration and self-discovery — and past lives regression, DW embarks on a journey deeper into the cosmos, unraveling the mysteries of her repeated encounters with extraterrestrial beings (ETs). This journey became a lighthouse, offering guidance and clarity in the often-tumultuous sea of her experiences.

Unraveling ET Encounters through Past Lives Regression

One of our clients, DW had spent years trying to comprehend her frequent and, at times, frightening encounters with the ETs, who appeared to her in various disguises, bringing messages that were cryptic and elusive. However, as she delved deeper into her QHHT sessions online, the fog of confusion began to lift. DW started to understand that these were not random occurrences but moments of profound connection with beings who perceived reality from a higher dimension.

As she opened herself up to the insights from her QHHT sessions, DW began to untangle the complex web of her encounters with the ETs, learning that she was part of a larger cosmic family and that her mission on Earth was intertwined with their guidance and teachings. She started to find patterns, connections, and a deeper understanding of her role in this grand tapestry of interdimensional relationships.

The Guiding Elder

An essential landmark in DW’s journey was meeting the guiding elder, a wise and nurturing figure, during her QHHT sessions. This elder, an ET filled with centuries of wisdom and guidance, met DW in a space of deep respect and connection, even touching foreheads in a profoundly spiritual gesture that transcended verbal communication.

Through a series of dialogues that transpired in the ethereal spaces navigated during her QHHT sessions, DW received warm and encouraging messages. The elder praised her for the hard work she was doing on Earth, helping to maintain an energetic balance and bringing light to dark places. She was urged to cherish joy, to be gentle with herself, and to walk her path with the acknowledgement that she was never alone, always guided and supported by the love from her ET family.

Visions of the Future: A Warning

However, the ET journey also carried a stern warning. DW saw visions of a possible future where the society she knew had transformed dramatically. In her QHHT visions, DW glimpsed a world overrun by robotic police, where the warm heart of humanity had been replaced by cold, mechanical enforcement, devoid of empathy and understanding.

The ETs shared their deep concern for the trajectory of human society, observing the gradual shift towards a heartless existence where true values were overshadowed by power and control. The message was urgent and clear: humanity was walking a tightrope, and the time to awaken to the deeper truths of love, compassion, and unity was now.

Crystal Energy: A Beacon of Hope

Yet, amidst the sobering warnings came a beacon of hope. The ETs spoke of a potent “crystal energy” that DW and others could tap into — a source of immense love and well-being that could counterbalance the negative forces at play. This energy was presented as a powerful tool, a resource for humans to draw upon in times of adversity, encouraging them to hold onto love, kindness, and the fundamental human values that could steer society back onto a path of light and hope.

Love Is The Only Way

In the end, the central message, repeated with a fervent urgency, was love. The ETs described a pivotal time of change on the horizon, urging individuals to meet it with a heart full of hope and eyes open to the possibilities of creation through love. They emphasized the tremendous power every person holds to shape the future through conscious choice and loving intention.

In a world teetering on the brink of darkness, the ETs called upon DW, and all of humanity, to rise with courage and resilience, to speak truth to power, and to champion the cause of love, compassion, and unity in a fragmented world. “Love is the only way,” they emphasized, urging individuals to create ripples of good energy that would grow into waves of positive change, reshaping society into a haven of love and understanding.

As DW emerged from her QHHT (past lives regression) session, she carried with her a profound sense of purpose and a renewed commitment to her path of lightworking. It was a call to arms, an urging to rise with love as the guiding force, to honor her deep connection with the ET beings and to embrace her role as a harbinger of hope and transformation in a world yearning for healing.


Embarking on an enlightening journey through QHHT, DW emerged with a transformative insight into her deep connections with extraterrestrial beings, and a profound understanding of her mission on Earth. The experience was a beacon, illuminating her path with the resplendent light of love, guiding her to forge a brighter, more compassionate future for all.

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Additional Resources

If you are eager to have a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session, or a past lives regression session to embark on their personal healing journey, a plethora of resources are available. From reputable books to trustworthy directories for finding certified practitioners, these resources can guide your exploration:


  1. “The Convoluted Universe” Series by Dolores Cannon: A fascinating collection that explores various metaphysical topics, including past lives and healing. Available on Amazon.
  2. “Between Death and Life” by Dolores Cannon: Offers insights into death, reincarnation, and the afterlife, themes often explored in QHHT. Available on Amazon.

Websites and Directories:

  1. Official QHHT Website: The primary source for information about QHHT, including a directory of certified practitioners.
  2. QHHT Academy: An educational platform offering QHHT training, workshops, and additional resources.

Online Communities and Forums:

  1. QHHT Community on Reddit: A community of QHHT enthusiasts sharing experiences, asking questions, and offering support.


  1. Dolores Cannon’s YouTube Channel: Featuring lectures and discussions by the founder of QHHT herself.
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