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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety-Free with Successful Case Studies

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Free

How Anxiety Starts

Anxiety starts from certain past experience that made you feel threatened, and since then your mind perceives everything similar could be a danger for you, and it fires “anxiety”, and this conditioned response becomes a false alarm at the subconscious level that bothers you so much. To combat anxiety, we need to get the amygdala to stand down and stop detecting threat over time

How Hypnotherapy Works?

Here’s how hypnotherapy works to combat your anxiety:

Reset the False Alarm

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety-Free by re-educating the nervous system through suggestions. In the hypnotic state, you are able to reconfigure the inner monitor and reset your alarm system to the normal level, so that you can feel relaxed and calm in all situations.

Rehearsal of Chosen Responses

During hypnotherapy, your mind is relaxed and focused. This state helps you explore your inner self physically and psychologically. You will rehearse in your mind how you can deal with situations calmly and experience a state of the total calmness that you have never realized before and learn to be in control. Eventually, this newly formed neural pathway will replace the old anxious pattern.

Finding out the root Cause

Reframing the happenings from the initial threatened event releases the emotions and targets the root cause. The emotions are usually repressed or the person is in denial about them and it is easy to identify and reframe them during the hypnotic state.

Why choose Hypnotherapy rather than Conventional Talk Therapy?

Talk Therapy Can’t Resolve The Underneath Problems

With talk Therapy (solely psychology, counseling) doesn’t solve the issue because only talking about feelings does not release, resolve or relieve them. Very often, the symptoms are being treated without going to the source of the anxiety and so the problem is not solved at all. As anxiety is a subconscious reaction we need to solve the problem at the subconscious level and deal with the root cause. That’s when hypnotherapy comes in.

Hypnotherapy: 93% Success Rate

Hypnotherapy is the most effective way of dealing with stress and anxiety. Research has proven the efficacy of hypnotherapy for Anxiety Free to be 93% which is far more than every other therapy as our subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind.

According to studies, Enhanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy(e-CBT) applied along specifically with hypnotherapy yields tremendous results. Researchers found out that the mind experience increased concentration, more relaxation, elevated emotional and physical control during and after the guided hypnosis.

Is Hypnotherapy For You?

If you have been doing talk therapy and it didn’t do much for you, you need to consider Hypnotherapy. It is the most effective solution for you if you experience any of the following:

1.Symptoms of anxiety, depression or stress
2.Trauma in the past
3.Trouble falling asleep or stay asleep
4.Smoking, drinking, nail biting, OCD, etc
5.Constant fear of something or phobias
6.Emotional disturbances
7.Relationship issues
8.Difficulty in time-management
9.Less productivity in daily and goal-oriented tasks
10.Irritability and lack of concentration
11.Depressed, feeling unhappy and worthless

What Hypnotherapy Can Do For You?

Hypnotherapy offers numerous benefits including but not limited to:

1.Learning powerful relaxation techniques and feeling calm
2.Positive self and world image
3.Gaining emotional control
4.Increased confidence and self-esteem
5.Effective interpersonal communication
6.Focus and concentration
7.Productivity & more

“Anxiety-Free Program” with Sandy

1. Relaxation Strategies
Deep relaxation, mindfulness to combat rumination and anticipation.

2. Redirect With Chosen Imagery
Addressing distress patterns, using e-CBT (Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to build a new neural pathway.

3. Regression
Finding out the root causes of anxiety, the sources of dysfunctional patterns and reframing it.

4. Anxiety-Free Programming
Changing core belief.

5. Self Esteem
Boosting self-esteem, ego strengthening, feeling positive and confident.

About Sandy Wong

Founder of “Make It Happen Hypnotherapy”, Sandy Wong is a certified trained Clinical Hypno-psychotherapist and Wellness Coach. Having learned hypnotherapy for Anxiety Free from accredited institutions of New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong, she is an expert in dealing with anxiety, stress management, and other mental health issues.

Her professional expertise lies in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (e-CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Havening and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques(QHHT). Her goal is to guide you in the healing process and empower you to live your life fully. She will take you on a journey towards your life-time healing and empowerment.

Successful Case Studies at “Make It Happen Hypnotherapy”

Please note that in order to keep the confidentiality of our clients, we don’t review their name here..

Case 1: Generalized Anxiety (Excessive worries and fears)

Client A: I worried excessively and I am extremely self-critical and I found it hard to focus on one thing at a time.

The Sessions & Result: Sandy helped me to understand my major triggers of anxiety, i.e. fear of not doing good enough and we explored the where this belief came from, and it was developed from my childhood. I learnt to reframe how I view myself from a positive perspective in the hypnotic state and I found I have a positive self-image and my self-esteem increased and able to make better decisions since then.

Case 2: Anxiety and Sleeping

Client B: I had trouble sleeping and anxious about not sleeping, also I had low energy and bad mood.

The Sessions & Result: We explored the initial event where I was not able to sleep when I first had my baby and I had to stay awake to take care of her. I realized the mind had been too alert to sounds since then because of that. Sandy taught me the self hypnosis techniques to help myself get into better sleep. Now I can fall asleep easily and have peaceful sleep and no longer feel anxious!

Case 3: Anxiety & Food (Eating Disorder)

Client C: I had anxiety about over-eating and I thought I am over-weight, I didn’t like my body and myself.

The Sessions & Result: During the sessions with Sandy, I realized that a lot of negative belief was embedded in my childhood, especially from my sister who used to say to me that I was fat even I was not really fat. Sandy helped me to shift my thoughts around how I view myself, now I am so happy that I am in control and feel peace in myself after the hypnotherapy sessions!

Case 4: Social Anxiety

My issue: I had a fear of public speaking and low confidence, and I could not open with people. I was especially anxious when I was around people in a social setting.

The Sessions & Result: I felt like I was being totally “reprogrammed” how I view myself, in a good way! I no longer fear of not saying the right thing and regained my confidence and feel at ease when being around other people and speaking in public. It’s amazing!

Case 5: Anxiety & Addiction

Client D: After splitting with my partner, I had self-destructive thoughts along with increased smoking and drinking.

The Sessions & Result: I learnt to let go of my past and changed how I perceive past events that happened. My past hurt is healed. I am no longer influenced by the past.
Now, I am able to focus on the present and create my desired future. Sandy tailored made positive suggestions for me during hypnosis and it was exactly what I need. I feel good about myself again and I stopped smoking and drinking. In just few sessions, I felt like a total shift in me!

Case 6: Anxiety & Trauma

Client E: I was sexually molested and physically and mentally abused in childhood. Since then, I developed severe anxiety and had low confidence.

The Sessions & Result: One of the important sessions Sandy did with me was that we revisited and reframed the repressed memories of my trauma, I felt released right afterwards! I also found my main old trigger of anxiety i.e. being close with men has gradually gone. I feel complete and being myself now!

Are you ready to relieve your stress and anxiety? Do not let your negative emotions hinder your way. Get ready for an amazing and life-changing experience at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy!

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