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How to Let Go of Past Hurts and Move Forward

How to Let Go of Past Hurts and Move Forward

All of us have faced some sort of traumas or emotional conflicts in the past. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to move forward because we still consider ourselves a part of those past experiences

Effect of Past Experiences on our Emotions

Often times, these past experiences are toxic and hurt emotionally, and it seems that we cannot find a way to get ourselves out of those thoughts or experiences. It can be so annoying especially when the mind keeps associating with concerned persons, places or even objects with the past or when those traumatic experiences keep replaying even when we are living in the present.

Sometimes we also “love” to live in the past due to happy and fond memories. We “love” to stay entrapped inside our imagination because we remain happy there. Current life seems too “stressful” to live in.

One might lose desire to move forward as part of our mind is so “stubborn” and afraid of the future based on past experiences.

It’s Time to Release the Old Pain

Is letting go of the past a pain? Yes, but isn’t holding on to the old pain and living in the past over and over is even more painful? Just keep in mind that the more time you waste wandering in the past, the more time you will be wasting from your present to enjoy.

No matter what reasons you have that are making it difficult for you to move forward, still, it is important to let go of the past for the sake of better life. Can you imagine how your life would be when you no longer get hindered by your past and live carefree?

Let’s look at some common examples:

Hypnosis For Healing Your Inner Wound

The beauty of hypnotherapy is that we can help you to become a “new person”, to think, feel and act differently.

During hypnotherapy, you relax your body and mind, and you go slowly into a trance-state. You will be revisiting some of the past memories that are not letting you move forward. You get to re-frame and see them with a new perception or interpretation of your own choice, and you will be able to release all those old, outdated feelings.

You can also change how you view those events, for example, viewing them in a distance, as the past events become further, dimmer, smaller, your mind perceives them in a different way and they’ll no longer influence you. At the same time, since you are taking this as your learning experience, you are having control over those memories, instead of the other way round.

Through talking and negotiating to the part of your subconscious mind which does not want to let go of the past in the subconscious level, you will find a new way out.

Havening Helps Delink Your Negative Emotions

If the past experience was too daunting or heartbreaking, Havening is another groundbreaking psycho-sensory technique based on neuroscience; it can help you to delink negative emotions with the experience. After Havening, you will still remember the experience, but it will no longer influences you in the emotional level.

Are you ready to let go of all those old feelings of anger, hurt, fear, guilt, and be free of the effects of certain past experience?

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