The 4 Key Causes of Forgetfulness

How to Cure Forgetfulness Naturally?

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Your eating habits and lifestyle not only affect your health, but also your MEMORY. As life gets busy, we all have periods of forgetfulness from time to time. While having a bad memory is a fully typical occurrence, it can be aggravating because of many reasons..


Memory loss can be influenced by genetics, particularly in catastrophic neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. However, studies have revealed that diet and lifestyle have a significant impact on memory. Here we are sharing 4 key causes of forgetfulness and their cures:

1. Consuming Too Much Sugar

What Sugar Does to Your Brain? Too much sugar not only affects our general health, but it affects our memory. A single episode of high blood glucose levels in the brain might cause cognitive delays, memory, and attention deficits. Sugar in the brain lowers our cognitive abilities. Sugar stimulates the reward center of the brain. A modest bit of sugar generates a want for more. It has addictive effects on the brain.

Several studies show that too much sugar causes inflammation in the brain, which can lead to memory issues. A 2016 study published in Behavioral Brain Research found inflammation in the hippocampus of rats on a high sugar diet, but not in rats fed a regular diet. And neuroinflammation may be one possible cause of depression.

A 2012 study on rats, conducted by researchers at UCLA, found that a diet high in fructose hinders learning and memory by literally slowing down the brain. The researchers found that rats which over-consumed fructose had damaged synaptic activity in the brain.

They are both liquid sweeteners used in processed foods and beverages such as soft drinks and juices. These additional sugars immediately enter the bloodstream, lowering BDNF production, a molecule that controls memory formation and learning regulation.

Sugar consumption has been related to impaired memory and reduced brain function, particularly in the short-term memory area. Excess sugar consumption is connected to a number of health issues, including cognitive decline. Irritability, mood swings, brain fog and fatigue can be caused by sudden peaks and drops in blood sugar levels.

Cure: Consume Less Sugar or Find Replacement


As you become aware of the risks that a high-sugar diet poses for brain function and mental well-being, start to consume less sugar or replace it with something else, like honey. Not only can you keep your brain healthy, but also your body healthy.

2. Obesity

Excessive obesity is linked to changes in the structure and function of the brain, as well as a variety of cognitive problems, according to mounting research. Obesity, in particular, has been linked to the hippocampus and frontal lobe dysfunction, both of which are thought to affect memory.


Cure: Main a Healthy Weight

Maintaining healthy body weight is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body in top condition. 

3. Anxiety & Stress

A study highlights how anxiety can lead to memory loss if it is experienced repeatedly. Electrical activity in the brain increases in response to real or perceived dangers, producing adrenaline and cortisol. When one has constant fear or worry is extreme, memory loss can occur. As anxiety and stress deplete the body’s resources, this is the case.


Cure: Make Time for Meditation

Meditate to reduce anxiety and stress. Meditation has been shown to increase grey matter in the brain which consists of neurons, the brain’s nerve cells. Meditation can improve short-term memory in people of all ages from people in their 20s to the elderly.

4. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep plays an important role in memory consolidation, a process where short-term memories are strengthened and transformed into long-lasting memories. According to researchers, sleep deprivation reduces a person’s capacity to concentrate and learn effectively.



Cure: Get Enough Sleep

Experts recommend adults get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night for optimal health. Reduce stress can help your sleep.

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These are the 4 key causes of forgetfulness and how you can cure them. If you struggle to get rid of sugar addiction, obesity, or have trouble in sleeping, or improve your memory, our Clinical Hypnotherapist Psychotherapists are here to help.

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