Hypnotherapy for Stress Management

Be in Control, Be Relaxed

Do you often feel stressed out? Are you having physical symptoms such as headaches, an upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, sexual dysfunction, and sleeping problems? Do financial problems, work schedules, relationship difficulties, etc. are stopping you from living your life fully?

It’s time to leave your stress behind and live your life on an optimum level with “Make It Happen Hypnotherapy”. Hypnotherapy for stress management helps you to be in control and relaxed!


How Does Stress begin?

You often feel stressed but do you know how it begins? Negative thinking and beliefs which formed from your past experience and upbringing are deeply ingrained in your subconscious. The negative thoughts pattern is looping automatically, and they inform how your body reacts physiologically. You might not aware that you have been letting your subconscious take charge and run the unwanted program in your mind for years.


How Does Hypnotherapy Help to Beat Stress?

Does hypnotherapy work for stress? Of course, it does, and it works amazingly! Studies showed that hypnosis had a significant impact on stress, helping patients to reduce and more effectively manage stress in their lives.


Reprogramming Subconscious

When you enter into a state of hypnosis, your mind and body relax. We are able to bypass the critical mind, change your deeply seated limited beliefs, and reprogram the subconscious with new beliefs, empowering your mind to be positive.


Positive Reinforcement

Your subconscious is very receptive to new information, and it does not analyse it. Therefore, when we fill your subconscious with positive reinforcement, we can overpower the negative thinking and regain your ability to manage stress.


Providing Tools to Manage Stress

By combining psychotherapy with hypnotherapy, you will be given a lot of tools to manage stress, and leave feeling better equipped to face the world in a positive, relaxed manner.


What is included in Stress Free Program*: (5 sessions)

  • Mindfulness, Witnessing self
  • Replacing unwanted thinking and behaviour with desired ones using Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(E-CBT)
  • Regression, Inner Child Work, etc
  • Eliminate any fear (e.g. fear of failure, rejection, etc), anger management
  • Engineer your ideal state of confident and high self-esteem
  • Build resilience and more

*The program of Hypnosis for Stress Management Brisbane will be tailor-made for each individual.


Free Gift

“Make It Happen Hypnotherapy” is all about client’s satisfaction, what’s better than giving you a helpful free gift? You will be given a hypnotic audio to listen to every time you finish the session (except the analytical session), so that you can keep doing mind rehearsal and changing your mindset. The more you listen to it, the more you will see the changes happen.


What To Expect From Your Sessions?

Sandy will take you into a relaxed, receptive trance state where you can make profound changes within yourself. Once your body is relaxed, your mind will relax too. By this method, we can gain access to the subconscious mind where we can solve any problems you may have.

In just 5 sessions, you can recover entirely without adverse side effects. All clients reported that the beneficial effects last long after the hypnotherapy program for the management of stress.


Recognize Stress Pattern

There may be some specific events or issues in your life such as work or family pressures, a redundancy or a break-up that causes stress and needs to be discussed, recognition of triggers and the co-relation of your stress symptoms is important. The goals of sessions are set accordingly.

Rewire Programmed Thinking

Hypnosis is about changing your thinking patterns and perspectives. We rewire your programmed thinking to new thoughts and smash your old limiting belief that have that caused your stress, so as to create true freedom. With the new-formed beliefs and thoughts, you will look at everything differently and thus your attitude towards situations will be shifted as well.

Powerful Coping Strategies

You are often harsh on yourself. Once you begin to be kinder to yourself and others, you will then start the healing process. With hypnosis, you will be given some coping strategies and rehearse it in trance state, once your mind and body get familiar with your chosen responses, you can easily manage and relief the stress, so that you feel in control, calm and relaxed. If you want to get Hypnosis for Stress Management Brisbane, visit us.


Why Should You Choose Sandy As Your Therapist?

  • Skilled and Professional
  • Sandy truly understands what you are experiencing and gives all that can to help you to have a more balanced life.
  • Registered with the Australian Hypnotherapist Association, Sandy also keeps up to date with the latest therapies.
  • Sandy uses Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming to communicate with your subconscious mind coupled with counseling and coaching
  • Provide tailor-made programs for each individual and deliver life long change, not short term solutions.
  • Sandy has helped hundreds of people with stress management and they all achieve amazing results in only a few sessions.
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • The comprehensive program is given because we may be dealing with bad memories, negative emotions, phobias, limiting beliefs, addictions, poor relationships, etc, we give you a solution so that you can feel totally relieved after the program.

Are you ready to live a stress-free life? Try Hypnotherapy for Stress in Brisbane with Sandy!

Your stress-free life is just a phone call away!


What Others Are Saying?

Christina T.

“I had never tried hypnotherapy before I met Sandy, and it was a last resort while I was experiencing extreme anxiety during a very stressful period. Sandy’s approach was very supportive and she instantly made me feel at ease in her presence. I really benefitted from the sessions and found that my anxiety decreased substantially as a result of our sessions. I still listen to the recordings when I need to and am extremely grateful that I came across Sandy’s services. I would highly recommend her.”


Vicki G.

“I am starting up my own business and found the stress was effecting me. Sandy was great at using Hypnotherapy to reassure me and help me to relax my mind, be in the ‘now’ and not worry about what might come. I found it so helpful that I just couldn’t wait to tell people about how better I felt.”


Andrew P.

“Sandy is an amazing, kind, patient and caring hypnotherapist. Who genuinely likes to help people improve and enrich their lives. She helped me get my happy back at a time of challenging stresses and I’m very thankful for all her good work.”