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How Cutting Off Alcohol Can Help in Losing Weight?

Can Stop Drinking Alcohol Help Losing Weight?

Do you feel uncomfortable seeing your belly getting bigger? The reason behind your weight might not be only in your platter, but it can be from your alcohol too. And for some, alcohol can be the main culprit of weight gain.

The Common Social Drinking Problem

Alcohol consumption has become a trend in this modern world. When we go to any social gatherings, celebrations, weddings, parties, it all goes with alcohol. Without alcohol, it seems that it’s incomplete. There is nothing wrong with having alcohol every now and then, but when one becomes dependent on alcohol, and gets addicted to it, that becomes a problem.

Are You Drinking Excessively at Home?

People who drink excessively tend to drink at home. Somehow, their bodies have developed a high tolerance from alcohol and they don’t get drunk easily. They love the taste, the coldness, and the relaxed feelings that come along with it. At the back of their mind, they think they can’t live without it because alcohol makes them just be who they are, a person who is more relaxed, more chill and at ease. They feel more themselves, more open up when they drink.

As time goes by, they drink more, and drinking becomes their habit. However, consuming alcohol regularly can lead to obesity, weight gain, belly fat, and many severe diseases. Among all, weight gain from drinking excessively is the most common. Weight gain leads to lessening their mobility, less energy, negative self-image and less confidence.

How Drinking Causes Weight Gain?

You may not know, intake of alcohol reduces fat-burning metabolism by 75%! Yes, that’s true! Here’s what happens when you drink alcohol. As you intake alcohol, your body’s enzymes and liver need to break down the alcohol and oxidize it, therefore your fat-burning metabolism reduces

Another fascinating fact is that almost 1 unit of alcohol takes about 1 hour to get oxidized entirely by your body. This means that if you intake any fat or carbohydrate food, it will not be absorbed by your body until the alcohol is fully oxidized, which leads to a slow fat metabolism rate. Subsequently, making you fat! 

So, in order to maintain your healthy metabolic rate, stopping drinking alcohol is essential, especially for those who are in their 40s or above.

Can Cut Off From Alcohol Make You Lose Weight?

If you stop drinking alcohol and follow a healthy diet and routine, you may expect positive changes in a short time! 

  • Stop Drinking to Cut Down Excessive Calories 

Alcohol comprises extra calories not required by the human body for hunger or nutrition. These empty calories are stored as fat in your body due to over-drinking. So, when you stop drinking alcohol, you are cutting down excessive calories. 

Let’s say, you cut down 500 to 1,000 calories per day by stop drinking alcohol:

    • 2 weeks with no alcohol will cut down 7,000 calories. 
    • 1 month with no alcohol will cut down 14,000 calories.
  • Stop Drinking to Fasten Metabolism

When you consume alcohol, the complete focus of metabolism goes to process the alcohol. Your body will metabolize alcohol instead of your food, slowing your metabolism. If you stop drinking alcohol or cut off alcohol intake, it will help boost your metabolism again. 

Drinking alcohol in massive amounts affects your blood vessels and muscles and narrows the blood vessels. Narrower blood vessels will increase the flow of blood, which causes high blood pressure problems. You can avoid this problem by stop drinking alcohol. 

How Can Hypnosis Help Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Hypnotherapy for drinking can assist you in reducing or stopping alcohol consumption. If you are struggling to stop alcohol consumption on your own, and have enough making more excuses for your drinking problem, we are here to help you with hypnotherapy for drinking. Book a FREE Hypnotic Strategy Call (45 mins) now with our Hypnotherapist.

Let’s Get Over Your Drinking Habits 😀

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