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Get Out From The Downward Spiral

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Feeling hopeless, helpless, emptiness, numb, …things used to be enjoyable aren’t fun anymore? Everything feels difficult, sometimes you find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. The downward spiral of “depression” keeps you down.

You know that it shouldn’t be like that!

If you happen to be depressed, you have what it takes to rewire your brain and reverse the course of depression. All your need to see effects is a TINY change in life and you can modify brain circuits, change the neurochemicals and even grow new brain cells. As you have taken the first step, you are on the way to enjoy a better life.

How the Brain Wired?

Neuroscientist finds that everyone has depressive tendencies to a varying degree. That’s just how the brain wired. The good news is, the brain is flexible to change, you can get yourself out from the downward spiral.

As you know, the prefrontal cortex (thinking part) and limbic system(feeling part) act and communicate to each other for best function. What happens in depression is that, something is off with the way these regions act and communication with each other.

It’s like when a microphone and a speaker are put together, sometimes it has screeching feedback. However, when orient them slightly, the problem is gone. It is not the problem of the microphone nor the speaker, but the system and the interactions of the parts.

Reverse the Downward Spiral

You know what? You can modify the brain circuits that contribute to depressed mood. When we make tuning of various brain circuits and adjust their interactions with each other, meaning you are changing your brain activity. TINY changes can change the activity & chemistry in specific circuits, the way the regions act and communicate, therefore push your brain starting upward spiral.

How Does Upward Spiral Begin?


Once you aware that your brain is going to a dark place, you can prevent it from sinking down. Start writing a dairy at the end of the day to explore your thoughts and emotions and turn them around.

Start Exercise

Exercise improves mood and give you more energy. If you find yourself don’t feel like moving, you gonna just get out. Let the body movement lifts your mood.

Through exercise, the brain starts producing new neurons.

Express Gratitude

Gratitude activates serotonin production, which improves your mood. Give thanks for little things and what you have in life, and you will perceive the world differently.

Hypnotherapy for Depression Works

Hypno-Psychotherapy for Depression has proven to be most effective way for upward spiral. The therapy helps you clear any blockages of the mind, helping you to leap forward and have a new outlook in just 6-8 sessions. If you are sick of taking anti-depressant, this is your best alternative! 

Get ready for an amazing and life-changing experience at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy!

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