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What to Expect from a Past Life Regression Session?​

Past Life Regression Therapy

“Do you experience intense and vivid moments of Deja Vu?

Have you ever felt an unexplainable connection to people you’ve just met?

Do you wonder about the origin of certain birthmarks?

Have you encountered intriguing synchronicities, unexplained experiences, or missing time that you seek answers to?

Are you facing unresolved issues or health problems without solutions?

You are not alone.

We all have past lives. Believe it or not, all of us have been reincarnating for millions of years; and in truth, there is no “death,” only that of the body.

Children often describe “past lives” to their parents, and some of these claims have even been verified as true.

Is It Possible to Remember Past Lives?

Curious about your soul’s journey? Want to know more about your soul’s experiences before this present life? The next question is, can we remember our past lives at will?

While our conscious mind may not recall events from past lives, a detailed record is kept in your higher consciousness, or what you may call Higher Wisdom or Oversoul.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

Enter Past Life Regression Sessions. Through Past Life Regression, a person is taken to a hypnotic state and guided back to previous lives based on Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). This technique, created by Dolores Cannon, has transformed the lives of millions.

With Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, you access that greater part of yourself with unlimited knowledge and the ability to reveal emotional truths and heal the physical body. Sometimes, mental and physical ailments are rooted in trauma from past lives, and certain lessons need to be learned in a person’s present life. The Higher Self reveals the cause and aids in deep healing and personal evolution.

What Do You Expect from the Session?

A Past Life Regression Session isn’t like a traditional hypnotic trance. Instead, you enter a very deep and relaxed state called a somnambulistic state, where you might totally forget about your body. In this state, you’ll find answers about yourself, your relationships, your health, your life purpose, your career, and anything else you’re curious about in this world and the universe. Your soul holds all the records of your past lives.

Even if you don’t believe in the concept of reincarnation or past lives, you can still see the images revealed by your higher consciousness as stories and gain valuable insights and experiences from the session.

How Can a Past Life Regression Session Help Me?

You might discover correlations between your present life and past lives, providing understanding of underlying reasons for your problems and guidance on how to overcome them. Emotional healing and release from trauma and fears are also possible outcomes. Some people have even experienced healing from physical disease and mental issues through Past Life Regression.

During the session, you can also ask any questions about yourself and your life. Your Higher Self knows everything about you, and all the answers you seek are within you, waiting to be discovered.

Who are Quantum Healing Hypnosis For?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is for those who:

  • Want to discover their life purpose
  • Seek profound emotional and physical healing
  • Wish to move forward in life happier, fulfilled, and healthier

Example Questions You Can Ask:

  • What is my life purpose?
  • What do I suppose to do in my life?
  • Have I had a past life with my husband, wife, partner, child, parent, etc.?
  • What’s stopping me from losing the weight I want to lose?
  • How can I have a better relationship with my kids, wife, husband, siblings, etc.?
  • I had a weird experience that I can’t explain and would like some clarity around it.
  • What is the best diet for me?

Remember, no question is too silly, too small, or too big for us to ask. You’ll definitely want to prioritize your list.


Pre-Hypnosis Exploration

Your session will begin with a pre-hypnosis chat. We’ll discuss your life journey and thoroughly review your list of questions to ensure clear understanding of the information you seek, and to receive all the answers and guidance you need.

Journey to Past Lives

You’ll be in a hypnotic state for around two hours. During this deep state of relaxation, you’ll be guided through one to three past lives or experiences. Your Higher Self knows everything there is to know about you and will select the ones to show you that best explain the origins of your issues. Your Higher Self will then provide remarkable deep insights of healing and guidance on managing your emotions.

Review the Answers Received

Once your Higher Self has offered love, healing, answers, and resolution to your issues, you’ll return to the present. We’ll then discuss what occurred and what you remember, reviewing the answers your Higher Self provided.

Repeated Listening of your Recording

Your session will be audio recorded on your phone. Repeated listening is strongly encouraged, as you’ll gain new insights and healing each time you listen, reconnecting to the Divine power and energy present during your session.

Make Changes to Support Your Soul’s Growth

After your session, synchronicity will likely occur. Your life will flow more smoothly as you gain a clearer understanding from your Higher Self. You’ll have clarity regarding any changes you need to make to support your soul’s growth.

Please note that practitioners don’t promise physical healing for everyone who undergoes Past Life Regression. What is important is that you undergo the session with an open mind and trust.

How to Prepare

Let Go of Control, relax as much as possible, physically and mentally, prior to your session. Remind yourself it’s time to let go of control and take a back seat in this experience, allowing you to access your Higher Self. One of the best ways to come up with questions is by asking for guidance during meditation.

Keep an Open Mind

Avoid having any preconceived notion of how your session will unfold. Your Higher Self will take you on a unique spiritual journey while revealing the information you need at this time.

Ready to explore your past lives and discover profound insights about yourself?

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