Therapies – Havening Techniques


What is something in your life you really want to change? Maybe it’s a feeling, or something you feel blocked around, maybe you have fears or phobias, maybe you have some chronic pain that you couldn’t managed, or maybe there is a memory play over and over in your mind and you are fed up with it and you want to get rid of it forever. Havening Techniques help you to remove emotional blockages, let go of your fears or phobias, remove your pain by finding out when your symptoms started, resolve your trauma by delinking unwanted emotions attached to the negative memory from the Amygdala effectively.

Many people experience stress building up over a period of time, without any opportunity to release. Disturbing events like being bullied, break ups, or having episodes of feeling rejected or put down by people, etc. What you have been thinking, experiencing, and what others have said to you has shaped your brain, your beliefs, your feelings and general mood, your perception of yourself and your experience of the world. Imagine you could feel good about yourself again and no longer defined by your past or by others, how your life would be different?

Havening Techniques are remarkable. They’re quick, easy, scientifically proven and powerful, they work! We don’t treat the symptoms that you have, we treat the cause. Our goal is to find out when the symptoms started.

When the encoding traumatic event or memory is found, we then Haven that event to delink and decode the emotions attached to the memory from the Amygdala. If there is not a specific event or memory, then we Haven the emotions one at a time and create a more resilient landscape of the brain moving forward.


There are 3 main Havening Techniques that we use:

  1. Event Havening – deals with specific traumatic events that have created responses with significant emotions e.g. PTSD / break-ups / phobias
  2. Transpirational Havening – works on either specific negative emotions associated with an event, or creates new positive emotional states
  3. Outcome Havening – allows you to create desired goals and the associated emotions you would have when you achieved them


What do you expect from the sessions?

Once we have worked through the events and emotions impacting you, your emotional blocks will be removed, and the negative feelings attached to the event/memory will be completely gone, then we can help you to instil the hopes and positive beliefs that you want. By the end of the therapy, you will be in a happier, lighter state.

How Havening Techniques Works

In Traumatisation, our brain stores (encodes) the memory as a traumatic experience. As a result of a traumatic event, we create a meaning, e.g. I got bitten by a dog and I have phobia of dogs.

That split-second the unconscious part of the mind changes the chemistry associated with the feeling part of the brain called the amygdala. From this moment on, whenever something triggers it, that is remotely similar to the initial event, not necessarily logically but just perceived in that way by our unconscious mind, the pathway fires off and generates the same emotional responses, and the associated behaviours that come about off the back of that and releases the stress hormones in response to this event, i.e. Every subsequent time you see a dog, or just a shadow that looks like a dog, or anything that reminds you of that particular initial event, the trigger gets fired off, and you immediately feel intense fear and panic.

What havening does is de-linking the emotional content of a memory from the memory itself. You will still remember the memory of the event, however the emotion is no longer there.

By using applied touch to accessible parts of your body in order to alter your brain chemistry. It is this altered chemistry that gives us a way in to be able to biologically change the way that your memories have been stored.

The path is permanently disrupted meaning that if the trigger occurs, it delinks that from the emotional response. No emotional response to a memory means it’s no longer traumatic – it is just a memory.

Havening has multiple uses as it creates a calm state and creates chemical changes that enable its use to beat depression, anxiety (getting the amygdala to stand down and stop detecting threat over time, which is what is going on in anxiety). It can also alter the landscape of our brain, making it stronger and more resilient, biologically changing and altering the state of our brain.


Havening Touch

The technique involves very specific, gentle touch repetitively on our shoulders and upper arms, palms or face. This touch produces a form of electrical wave which is known as the Delta wave(0.5-2 Hz). This delta wave is the same as what we produce when we are in slow wave sleep – the deepest form of sleep we can go in.

This Delta wave changes the state of our brain and it alters the chemical and electrical balance of it. The touch and the delta wave increases our level of serotonin, surging around in our system and decreases cortisol, which decreases our stress level, taking you to a very calm state.