Hypnotherapy for Fear of Spiders

Fear of Spiders

Does an encounter with spiders get you into panic mode? Do spiders make you lose your judgment and ability to perform conscious actions? One may even wonder how to overcome the fear of spiders

Incidentally, hypnotherapy is an effective tool in remedying the fear of spiders. Just imagine the kind of independence you would have when fear of spiders becomes manageable.  


What Causes  Fear of Spiders?

Everyone comes with an inherent fear of insects and spiders but among us, certain individuals just cannot control their reactions when faced with a spider. Most often encountering a spider can make them have a panic attack and can even make them immobile; unable to carry out any conscious actions. This kind of reaction is considered abnormal. 

While a certain degree of fear of insects is considered normal, individuals with an exaggerated sense of fear for spiders are diagnosed with arachnophobia. Even the sight of a spider can make these individuals have panic reactions. Such an intense degree of fear can weigh heavily on the mind of the individual to affect their other aspects of life.  

Thankfully, hypnotherapy for fear of spiders is considered evidently effective in mitigating this kind of fear, our  therapist through hypnosis can make the fear reduce to a manageable degree. 


How does Hypnotherapy Help in Remedying the Fear of Spiders?

Targeting the Root Cause

Our hypnotherapists introduce mindfulness to the individual as a process of recovery, encouraging them to become acutely aware of their fears. With Unwind Technique, it’s powerful to remove the fear and phobia of spiders related to the past. Its success lies in treating deep-rooted causes that induced anxiety in the person in the first place. Reframing Perception

You will be guided to enact the fearful scenarios from past experience which are associated with flying or in a plane in a trance state. During the process, you will be asked to manipulate the associated mental images, leading to an altered perception of the fear. You will be encouraged to form alternate associations with your fearful thought patterns. Along with this, positive thought reinforcement is practiced to allow you to nurture empowering thoughts making you face your fears with increased confidence.  

Hypnosis and NLP therapy makes the individual more in-tune with the realities of life without being overtaken by fear. This makes the individual more capable of navigating their fear of spiders.  . During the process, you will be asked to 

Changing the Perception

Our  Hypnotherapists enable you in growing out of your self-limiting beliefs and re-orders deeply entrenched thought patterns. Thus, preparing you to face your fears with a manageable level of anxiety – a level that is usually found among the normal population.  Hypnotherapy for fear of spiders stands out for altering neural pathways in the brain enabling the individual to break free from the tight grip of the fearful thought patterns associated with fear of spiders.. 

Mental Rehearsal to Stay Calm

You will be introduced with  coping strategies by our  hypnotherapist to face your anxiety-inducing thought patterns. Over the course of several sessions, you would be mentally practicing encounters with spiders in your mind before actually facing a “real one” in person. 


Hypnosis for Fear of Spiders Works

We at “Make it Happen Hypnotherapy” come with extensive experience of having dealt with individuals with fear of spiders. Sandy our lead therapist, works closely with individuals enabling them to unlearn irrational fears associated with spiders through hypnosis and NLP techniques

Science has proven that the mind remains in a highly sensitive state during the hypnotic or trance state. And during this critical period, a therapist can “reset” deeply held negative associations in the subconscious to mitigate fears. This apart, therapists at our clinic come with expertise in reframing conscious thought patterns and emotions to make you capable enough to face your fear of spiders. 

Our experience with affected individuals has shown that the fear drops down to a manageable level allowing the person to go about life in a normal way. 

Face to face and online hypnotherapy session is available at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy in Brisbane.

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