Hypnotherapy for Fear of Heights

Overcoming Fear of Heights

Does being high-up make you immensely scared and anxious? Does intense fear grip you even when you take an elevator? You may wonder how to overcome the fear of heights? For people with fear of heights, hypnotherapy can be a therapeutic tool that can remedy such fear. Imagine how it would be to climb up high and enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings. We at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy in Brisbane can help you to overcome fears and phobias of heights.


Do You Have Fear of Heights?

Over the course of human evolution, we have developed a fear of heights as a survival instinct. But in some cases, the fear of heights produces such intense reactions and emotions that it cannot be considered normal. There is a chain of fearful thoughts that creates intense anxiety which makes the person behave abnormally when faced with heights. 

In most cases, a person comes with an inborn tendency or fear of heights that makes its presence felt as an exaggerated emotional or anxious reaction. People have spoken of going immobile when faced with heights, even going to extent of unable to perform conscious actions. Such a high degree of fear more often can mentally scare the person, affecting their normal emotional and social well-being.    

Fortunately, hypnotherapy for overcoming fear of heights is considered a highly effective medical intervention to mitigate this kind of fear, the hypnotist through the hypnotic process will be able to free you from the fear of heights. 


How can Hypnotherapy Help Fear of Heights?


Changing the Perception of Height

Our hypnotherapists deploys the effective NLP and hypnosis technique wherein you will be guided to enact the fearful scenarios associated with the fear of heights in the trance state. And by manipulating the mental images, we can alter the perception associated with the fear of heights. You will be encouraged to form alternate associations with the fearful thought patterns. Along with this, our hypnotists will also involve you in positive thought reinforcement that helps nurture empowering thoughts, allowing you to face the fear of heights with confidence. 


Diminish Anxiety 

Hypnotherapy is a proven practice that will allow you to do away with anxieties associated with fear of heights. Its efficacy has simply to do with the ability to treat deep-rooted subconscious causes that induce anxiety in the individual, addressing the conditioned emotions and unlearn the unhelpful learnt responses from the subconscious. 

Hypnotherapy in Brisbane as an effective intervention, is known to alter neural pathways within the brain, allowing you to break free from the fear of heights.  


Mitigating the Root Cause

While working with the hypnotherapist, we will find out the root cause of where you learnt the fear responses and release the associated fearful emotions. You will be able to let go of fear of heights and feeling capable enough to face heights at ease with your new thinkings and feelings.


Mental Rehearsals for Calmness 

Hypnotherapy introduces coping strategies that will allow you to deal with anxiety-inducing thought patterns. Over the course of several sessions, you would be allowed to practice mental rehearsals in the mind before actually facing the fear of heights in reality. 


Hypnosis Helps Fear of Heights

At Make it Happen Hypnotherapy, we come with the experience of having dealt with individuals with a similar fear of heights. Sandy, our head hypnotherapist, works with individuals and teaches them to unlearn irrational fears associated with heights through hypnosis and NLP.  

There is enough scientific evidence, that has proven beyond doubt that the mind remains highly sensitive to suggestions during the hypnotic or trance state. During the trance, a therapist can “reset” deeply held negative associations in the subconscious. Besides this, hypnotherapists at our clinic can also help in reframing thoughts and emotions to make you conquer the fear of heights.

Our clients have reported the excessive fear associated with heights drops down to a minimal after the hypnosis sessions and they could go about life feeling much more at ease.

Face to face and online hypnotherapy session is available at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy. 

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