Hypnotherapy for Anger Management

Be Calm & In Control

Do you easily get irritated and angry, and it’s affecting your personal and social relationships?

Do you take things too personally and easily feel criticised and being defensive?

When things don’t go your way, or when you are in a heated discussion, do you find anger comes out of proportion?

Instead of keep feeling regret after lashing out, apologise to your loved ones what can’t be undone, with Hypnotherapy, you can down regulate the emotions effectively because anger is a subconscious reaction.

Instead of talk therapy, few sessions of Hypnotherapy for Anger Management at “Make It Happen Hypnotherapy” in Brisbane will help you to deal with anger constructively, making you a much calmer person in any situations.

Are you allowing anger to control you?

Anger is one of the most damaging and painful emotions one can experience. It is very normal and healthy to feel angry in situations where you are hurt, abused, taken for granted, or mistreated. However, anger becomes unhealthy if it is held or increased without resolving it. If you cling to your anger, the underlying hurt/pain will only eat you up inside. Maintaining angry feelings or unhealthy grudges, especially those from the past, only hurts you. Even if you were wounded in a very terrible way, holding on to the anger and/or rage only restricts you, not the other person.

How much do you understand your anger?

Although it might sometimes feel like your anger “explodes” and comes out of nowhere, this is never the case. Anger is often just the tip of the iceberg, underneath the anger, there can be mixed emotions like hurt, fear, sadness, disappointed, overwhelmed, insecure, frustrated, embarrassed, helpless. Some people describe anger as a “secondary emotion”. This means that anger is a response to the primary emotion. For example, when you feel hurt, you might lash out with anger in response.

When you were a child, you might easily pick up how your family members or other people deal with anger. And now, as an adult, you choose to learn to recognize your feeling, and manage your negative emotions, so that you don’t let your anger influences how you behave and able to calmly cope with any stressful situations.

Anger is the natural physical response of the body in any stressful or frustrating situations, it can fuel up quickly when it becomes a subconscious reaction and can deteriorate negative physical and psychological effects on you. Therefore, the appropriate step is to manage the expression of anger, and we are offering the most effective solution for it – Hypnotherapy for Anger Management, so that you can deal with anger in a more compassionate manner, be more in control, so that you can keep your relationship with your love ones.


How Does Hypnotherapy Work for Anger Management?

Hypnotherapy works at a deeper level with your mind to resolve your anger issues:


Emotion Release 

Negative emotions build up over the years, it keeps bottling up, and until one day, you find that the emotion can just explode easily. With Hypnotherapy and Havening, we can help you to release all the negative emotions that you have been suppressed for a long time that’s not serving you.


Reset the false alarm

When your “button” is being pushed, your subconscious reaction kicks in, you are being hijacked to the fight, flight, or freeze response. What we do is to apply powerful relaxation tools to calm your amygdala in the brain, so that it won’t over-react in situations, and you can take back the control by sitting at your driver seat instead of the passenger seat.


Shifting Blaming to Your Needs

We will explore situations when your thoughts or certain situations that fuel your anger. When you are angry, you tend to think others are making you angry. However, it is NOT the cause of anger. Others’ responses or behaviours are only the stimulas.

The real cause of anger is that you are finding fault from others. It is this thinking causes you angry. You will learn to change the way you think, take responsibility and shift the thinking to “I feel angry because I ….” rather than blaming other person, you recognise your own needs and control how you feel. By stepping out from the victim, or prosecutor mode, you will be able to take the responsibility to resolve the anger and frustration inside of you.


Reframing the Negative Belief System

Anger is usually manifested not only from an individual event, but from all the past experiences and beliefs associated with it. As a child, we internalize all kinds of beliefs and ideas from our parents, which can later create many problems. Here are a few irrational, negative, and self defeating beliefs we’ve regularly heard from clients: “People/Men can’t be trusted”, “No one listens to me”, “I am never good enough”, and so on. All these beliefs make you behave accordingly.

Hypnotherapy for Anger Management Brisbane helps you to understand where the origin of the associated emotions and beliefs come from, shift your limiting belief system to healthy beliefs in the trance state which overrides the previous patterns of anger.


Forming New Responses

Over the years, the anger can be accumulated from the scale of 1 to 10 if it has not been released. You may find yourself easily triggered and get angry easily. Hypnotherapy for Anger Management when combined with Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(E-CBT), we identify how your mind becomes hyper-vigilant which turns into anger outbursts in the first place at the subconscious level, we will reframe what happened.

By addressing the triggers of your anger, you will develop new coping strategies and powerful relaxation techniques, in which you will rehearse it in trance so that you can deal with any situations at ease, able to set better boundaries for yourself and express yourself in a calmer way in reality. You will learn to become responsible for your own emotions and actions to prevent future anger outbursts.


What is Included in The “Anger Management Program”?

1. Havening Techniques for Releasing Anger

Release yourself from the negatively charged energy emotions that binds you.


2. Release Yourself from Negative Thinking

Learn to become more mindful. Replacing unwanted thinking and behaviour with desired ones using Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(E-CBT) in hypnotic state, so that you are able to remain calm in situations.


3. Set Free from the Chain of the Past

Release yourself from the wounds of the past, so as to put the past behind you.


4. Emotion Regulation for Calmness

Learn to deal with anger and express your feelings constructively, so that you no longer use anger as a default mode to express your hurt, frustrations, etc with a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP.


5. Reframing the Negative Belief System

Unlearn the limiting, self defeating beliefs picked up from parents or others through Regression, Inner Child Work, etc, once the programming is upgraded in the subconscious level, you can be more carefree, happy, and act as a calm person.


*The Anger Management Hypnotherapy Program Brisbane will be tailor-made for each individual.


Free Gift

We have a free gift for you as well! You will be given hypnotic audio to listen to every time you finish the session (except the analytical session) so that you can keep doing mind rehearsals and changing your mindset to keep calm. The more you listen to it, the more you will witness the transformation.


Why Should You Choose Sandy As Your Therapist?

Skilled and Professional

  • Sandy truly understands what you are experiencing and gives all that can to help you to have a more balanced life.
  • Registered with the Australian Hypnotherapist Association, Sandy also keeps up to date with the latest therapies.
  • Sandy uses Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Havening to communicate with your subconscious mind coupled with counselling and coaching.
  • Provide tailor-made programs for each individual and deliver life long change, not short term solutions.
  • Sandy has helped hundreds of people with anger issues and they all achieve amazing results in only a few sessions.


Comprehensive Solutions

The comprehensive treatment is given because life problems of everyone are related, so tackling just one issue may not completely solve your problem. Therefore, we may be dealing with bad memories, negative emotions, phobias, limiting beliefs, addictions, poor relationships, etc. in the program. Instead of hiding your anger or ignoring it, it’s time to manage it in a healthy way.

Face to face and online hypnotherapy session is available at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy in Brisbane.

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What Others Are Saying?

Sara W.

“Sandy is kind hearted and listens with real care and empathy. She really helped me work through an issue and I am so much happier.”