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Sandy Wong - Make it Happen Hypnotherapy

Sandy Wong is a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist-Psychotherapist, NLP, Havening, QHHT Practitioner and Life Coach. She studied Hypnotherapy at institutions from Australia, New Zealand US, and Hong Kong. She has wealth of knowledge in hypnotherapy, i.e. how the subconscious mind works where the problems need to be addressed. Sandy is very good at work with the power of the subconscious mind as well as shifting emotional blockages in the mind and body. 

Sandy helps people to train and reprogramme their brains to do the best job. Hypnotherapy with Sandy helps you to evolve psychologically and emotionally by guiding you to step into a much healthier mental and emotional space. With her help, you can get your conscious and subconscious mind work together to achieve your goals.

Now in her 30s, she lives her passion by helping people find freedom from the issues that hold them back in life. Over the past 4 years, she has helped more than 600 people to transform their life.

Sandy has a healing old soul and she knows that it’s her gift. She feels deeply honoured to be able to help people regain happiness in their life. Originally from Hong Kong and now based in Brisbane, Sandy can absolutely understand you and hear your inner voice. You can feel completely comfortable talking with her. She loves what she does and she can do it great. You will be surprised to see powerful changes happen so quickly and easily with harnessing the power of your mind!

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How Sandy got on the path of becoming a Brain Trainer?

“I was fascinated by the idea of accessing our subconscious mind where we can unleash human’s potential – the fact that we can programmme our brain to modify behaviour, emotions and attitudes and deal with any problems of everyday living.

I found hypnotherapy is very scientific. It is such a great therapeutic tool to help people overcome psychological, emotional and even some physical problems.

At the same time, it also has its spiritual aspect when using different technique like Quantum Healing Hypnosis(QHHT), I use it to help people to find their life purpose and any answers they want to know by working with the higher consciousness of the person. ”

Sandy’s Qualification and Recognition

Sandy studied at Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy in Australia, which is affiliated to the National Council for Hypnotherapy (UK). The lecturers are highly experienced clinical therapists. Besides clinical application of evidence-based hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, she also has Cognitive-Behavioural-Based training. She developed very good skills in applying psychotherapeutic models and hypnotic techniques to help her clients understand and change their inner defensive programs and mental states.

She is also blessed to help other people to find their life purpose to live their life to the fullest through connecting with their higher wisdom/higher consciousness.

Sandy also studied at New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy for QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques) under Dolores Cannon Officials, Institute of Mental Technology (HK) and Life Coaching Academy for Life Coaching and NLP. 

As a professional member of AHA (Australia Hypnotherapist Association), she undergoes regular supervision to ensure the highest standard of her work. She also has ongoing professional development. 

Sandy has presented many face to face and virtual workshops including Self Hypnosis, Hypno-Meditation, Mindfulness for Corporates, Organisations and Schools, aiming to create happiness, harmony, integrated and whole for the community.

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