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Quit Smoking in 30 Days by Hypnotherapy

The Approach:

Sandy's approach focuses on why people continue to smoke, not the disadvantages. She aims to change how smokers feel about their issue, finding the root cause of their smoking through hypnotherapy. You will be surprised quitting smoking becomes easy and enjoyable.

The Method:

1. Help smokers to understand their addiction or issue

Sandy doesn’t just look at the physical addiction but the psychological aspects as well. She identifies the distress patterns, cognitive distortions and core beliefs. She shows them how to transform it.

2. Remove the fear

Smokers believe that they get some sort of genuine pleasure or benefit from what they take or do. It helps them enjoy life, handle stress, relax and socialise. For this reason they fear that even if they succeed in stopping, they will be miserable and feel deprived for the rest of their lives.

In addition to that fear, they also fear the downsides of the addiction or issue; the health worries, the stigma, the cost, the slavery and although they work hard not to think about them, these fears always remain at the back of their mind. These are the fears that keep them hooked. The method removes those fears.

3. Find out the root cause

Enable the smokers to experience the feelings associated with their distress patterns in situations, which keep them smoking in the present. Usually

4. Regain Freedom

Through rehearsal of new strategies, reframing from an adult perspective, clients are taking control of their behavior. Using Sandy’s method, your employees will enjoy the feeling of freedom, a sense of accomplishment, loving their smoke free life forever.


Why is Sandy’s Quit Smoking Program so successful?

Sandy understands the psychology of smokers, know their fear and mental barrier which makes them hard to stop. She is able to remove them. Through hypnotherapy, Sandy talks to smokers’ subconscious mind which controls the habits, while bypassing the conscious mind, helping smokers to be calm, relax, stop and restructure compulsive unhelpful thoughts and eventually help them to quit smoking.

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(sessions needed: 5-7 sessions) 



Quit Smoking Program for Employees

Benefits to your workplace:

- Improve staff well-being

- Increased productivity

- Reduced sick leave, rates of illness

- Reduced early retirement

- Harmony in the workplace

- Improved company Image


Gains of Employee:

- No more desire for smoking, quit smoking permanantly

- No withdrawal or pain

- Enjoy social occasions without smoking

- Better able to concentrate

- Able to cope with stress

- Won’t gain weight


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