Hypnotherapy for Sugar Addictions

Overcoming Sugar Addictions

Do you have a sweet tooth and always have cravings for sugar? Besides the sugar addictions, are you using sugary food to offset your undesired feelings and emotions?

You may wonder how to overcome sugar addiction? Fortunately, hypnotherapy in Brisbane is known as a potent mind tool for quitting sugar, or reducing sugar intake. Imagine leading a healthy lifestyle without intense sugar craving anymore!


Craving Sugar?

Many people in the general population have an intense sugar craving. Such individuals are bound to consume sugar for the most trivial reasons. They feel as if consumption of sugar is the cure for all their problems because it gives them an emotional high for some time at least. However, on the flip side, the body pays a huge price in terms of increased blood sugar levels making one susceptible to lifestyle ailments like diabetes.

Each one of us likes indulging in sugar some time or the other. But in the case of sugar addiction, the person steps out of the normal threshold and reaches a stage where there is uncontrolled craving, which starts affecting their health, teeth, skin, and even energy level. If left untreated, the person is likely to develop serious health complications.

Thankfully, there is hypnosis in Brisbane that can deal with sugar cravings, sugar addiction, stopping eating sugar, and reducing sugar intake, so that you can adopt a healthy lifestyle and a better outlook in life!


How does Hypnotherapy Help With Sugar Addiction?


Remedying the Root Cause

Emotional eating is common for many people. Many people use sugar as a distraction or avoidance of certain emotions. Hypnotherapy allows you to become automatically more mindful with what you eat, how much you eat while eating and when to stop. You will become more aware of the role of food in your life and be able to successfully change your relationship with sugary food.


Dissociating Negative Thought Patterns

We at Make it Happen Hypnotherapy offer you more control over your food cravings, especially sugar.  Through hypnotic suggestions, we communicate to your subconscious mind to replace negative thoughts with positive ones to feel indifference to unhealthy sugary food.

The process also involves some “Inner Child Work” to teach the part of you that learnt to use sugar to find other means of comfort, so you will no longer seek out sugar as the easiest solution to your problems.


Associating Pain with Sugar Addictions

Recent studies have indicated that hypnotherapy in Brisbane is effective in remedying sugar cravings and can even be used to quit sugar altogether in the diet.

As an intervention, hypnotherapy for overcoming sugar addictions  is known to associate pain with overeating sugary food, and link pleasure with health and confidence, in this way, we can alter neuro-pathways in the brain to minimize food-related carvings, allowing the person to have better control over eating and drinking.


Deconstructing Unwanted Beliefs

Through hypnotherapy, we put you into a trance state for treating deep-rooted causes of sugar cravings and deconstruct your self-limiting beliefs about yourself. As a result, you will form a positive image of yourself as you learn to look at yourself differently.

We will help you to change the deeply embedded thought patterns so that you will no longer have much desire for sugary food, you will feel completely in control after all the years of addictions.


Stress Relief

Our therapist over the course of the sessions would introduce you to coping strategies to deal with stress, so that in all situations, you can keep the sugar cravings under control.

You will learn to deal with difficult emotions, like anxiety, stress, and there would be mental rehearsals on dealing with difficult situations and how you can handle the thought of sugar cravings, empowering you to manage better in real-life situations.


Hypnosis For Sugar Addictions Works

We at “Make it Happen Hypnotherapy”, come with extensive experience in dealing with individuals who struggle with their sugar-related addiction. Sandy – our lead therapist works with individuals to make them unlearn food-related habits they have acquired over time.

There is enough scientific evidence to prove that the brain remains highly sensitive and open to suggestions in the hypnotic trance state. During the critical period, a therapist can “reset” deeply held subconscious negative associations with positive ones. This apart, our therapists are equally competent at reframing conscious thought patterns to bring in a transformational change in the individual.

Our experience with people afflicted with sugar cravings has shown that most of them no longer had intense cravings and some of them were even able to quit sugar completely.

Face to face and online hypnotherapy session is available at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy for stop craving sugar, stop eating sugar, and reduce sugar intake.

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