Hypnotherapy for Letting Go of the Past

Letting Go of the Past

Do you regularly get lost in sad or bitter thoughts about past events in your life? Is the past wreaking havoc with your present? Is your past making you more anxious? Many of you may have tried to control your thinking, or calm your mind by meditation, but you still always ruminate, and those thoughts seem to keep looping in your mind.

You may start to wonder, how to let go your past?

The most plausible answer is hypnotherapy, it can help you let go the past, and you will see life in a new light after letting go of the past.


Why Is It So Hard to Let Go of the Past?

In most cases, the person gets acclimatized to a set pattern of behaviors that has its roots in the past. It could involve avoiding certain life situations and people in one’s surroundings and so on. Many of these individuals who practice avoidance in normal life only end up harming themselves with their self-created isolation. Mostly such individuals gravitate towards serious mental health issues that affect their overall wellbeing.

One may wonder why the past has such a grip on your behaviors and thinking patterns, even going to the extent of affecting your daily life.

Our mind is very good at holding on to the emotions associated from past old experience. It has much to do with how your mind processes the past, and how experiences from the past have entered your subconscious that affects your present.

But there is hope for such individuals with hypnotherapy in Brisbane where without drugs of any kind, individuals can break free from their past with proven hypnotic practices and techniques.


How does Hypnotherapy Help in Letting Go of the Past?

Mindfulness and Being an Observer

Individuals are introduced to mindfulness as a process. Therapist ensures the individual stays in the present with mindfulness, and become aware of the thoughts. You will learn to step back and be your own observer, to watch your own thoughts. By not involving in those thoughts and emotions, you can stay in stillness and having the peace in mind.


Release Emotions From the Past

Through Havening and Hypnotherapy, you will be guided to release pent up negative emotions in a safe space. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the emotions, you will first gain understanding what the emotions do for you, and release them.


You will learn to take full responsibility of the past and cease to be a victim of your situation, in this way, you can release yourself from the past. And so, the old past memories can no longer control you or affect your well-being.


Diminish Anxiety Levels

Hypnotherapy for letting go of the past as a process is seen as extremely effective in reducing the anxiety associated with the past. It addresses deep-rooted causes or events that made the person have irrational fears of the past, it could either be events from childhood or adolescence. Meaning hypnotherapy begins to address patterns that got embedded in the subconscious from negative events that got processed defectively with the mind. This has in turn made the individual increasingly anxious about the past in normal life.

As fearful thoughts feed negative emotions, and in turn, the anxiety feed the negative thoughts. What we do through hypnotherapy, is to interrupt the conditioned pattern and alter the neural-pathways in the brain.


Interrupts Age-Old Thinking Patterns

Through hypnosis, a professional therapist successfully guides you to interrupt negative thinking patterns, and practice positive reinforcement where you become empowered with your new set of thoughts.

It works by changing the perception of past experiences, expand the mental horizons and take them as new learnings, so that you will build positive attitudes about life again.

With the new ways of seeing past memories, you will feel much more at ease, or even empowered and goes about life with high functioning abilities. You will, in fact, start to experience mental freedom like never before.


Cultivating New Mental Habits

One of the big takeaways of hypnotherapy is that, it introduces you to new coping strategies. When you participate in the session, a sense of calmness will unfold in you. This sense of calm will become part of your everyday life after the sessions.


How Hypnotherapy can help in letting go of the past?

Sandy at Make it Happen Hypnotherapy in Brisbane works with individuals who have a tough time letting go of their past in the right manner. Individuals who get treated are encouraged and taught how to unlearn irrational fears and anxiety associated with the past through hypnotic suggestions that work at a subconscious level.

There is enough scientific evidence to prove that the mind remains highly-sensitive to suggestions during the hypnotic or trance state and the professional therapist during that period is able to successfully “reset” negative associations in the subconscious with far healthier and positive ones.

Moreover, the hypnotherapists at Make it Happen Hypnotherapy have the experience in reframing conscious negative thought patterns and emotions to get you to hit the ground running.

Most of our clients after completing their stipulated number of hypnotherapy sessions feel much lighter and relieved, as they no longer carry any negative associations with the past and start functioning to their fullest potential.


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