Hypnotherapy for Emotional Control

Emotional Control


Do you often have emotional outburst when your buttons are being pushed and not sure how to handle the situations? You may wonder “how to control your emotions?” If you don’t want to lose your temper in front of your kids, or even lose your relationship, you can gain emotional control with few sessions of hypnotherapy in Brisbane at Make it Happen Hypnotherapy and learn about emotional regulation, so that you can live a life feeling more in control.


What is Emotional Control?

Very often we come across individuals who have trouble regulating their emotions. They tend to go overboard with their emotional reactions, especially when anger comes out of proportion, easily get agitated and irritated, creating a difficult situation for themselves and the people around them.

Emotional control is about understanding the emotions that you are experiencing, and the original source of the emotions, along with the core belief that brings about the triggers. With understanding, you can empower yourself to respond to life situations in a wise and calm way.

Fortunately, hypnotherapy is one of the most effective interventions that is well proven to handle uncontrolled emotional outbursts, to help you to be self-regulated and make a real shift in thinking, feeling, and behaviors.


How does Hypnotherapy Help in Emotional Control?

Raising Awareness

Individuals are encouraged to cultivate mindfulness, become acutely aware of their emotions in situations. Cultivation of awareness allows the person to stop and engage the conscious mind to choose wiser responses instead of letting the subconscious mind run its autopilot mode which is unhelpful. You will learn new coping mechanism so that you can wisely deal with situations when comes to triggers.


Release Your Emotions

Over the years, our emotions can be pent up and keep bottling up if they are not being released. Especially when we get triggered, if we feel intense emotions, that means that something has been suppressed and we need to work on it. All emotions are stored in the subconscious feeling mind which holds our memory. With effective emotion release techniques like Havening and Hypnotherapy, you can release the pent-up emotions safely with the facilitation from a professional.


Take Charge of Your Emotions

Hypnotherapy as an intervention is extremely helpful in emotional regulation as it engages with deep-rooted causes pertaining to upbringing and conditioning where emotions may be suppressed as a child. Meaning the effort here is to address behaviors that are being passed on in very early days in childhood that made them susceptible to emotional outbursts for the most trivial reasons. These early causes tend to get accumulated in the subconscious which needs to be addressed.

By working with the subconscious mind which holds on to the old perceptions of threats, we can use reframing strategies to unlearn the old pattern, so that you no longer need to over-react emotionally.


Alters Default Thinking Patterns

Hypnotherapy for emotional control works by altering negative thinking patterns and perspectives. And by eliminating the limiting beliefs that you have carried unconsciously throughout your life, it frees you in thinking and feeling. With the new way of thinking and seeing, you can feel self-empowered and be in better control of your emotions.

Hypnotherapy works at the subconscious level and alters neuro-pathways in the brain, allowing you to face the world with renewed confidence and zest.


Mental Rehearsal for Self-Regulations

Through Hypnotherapy, we will guide you to do mental rehearsal to cultivate coping strategies. You will be guided to bring up emotional triggers in the mind, whereas practicing your chosen new responses, so that you can develop a sense of calmness. This sense of calmness will become a part of your everyday life after your sessions with hypnotherapy.


How “Make it Happen Hypnotherapy” can help to regain control of your emotions?

Our lead Hypnotherapist, Sandy at Make it Happen Hypnotherapy works with individuals with powerful mind tools allowing the resetting of false alarms in the brain. They begin to unlearn conditioned responses to emotional triggers through hypnotic suggestions at the subconscious level.

Scientific research has proven that the mind is susceptible to suggestions in the hypnotic trance state and the hypnotherapist can help you to “reset” negative associations at the subconscious level into more positive and healthy ones.


What Do You Expect?

The more we learn to sit with our emotions and release them in a healthy way, the better we become at how to control emotions when we experience them.

Hypnotherapy for emotional control helps you to be in control at all times. You are encouraged to be opened to deal with your emotions with compassion and self love.

After the therapy, you will be able to change unwanted behaviours, transform from old ways of responding to new healthier ones, and feel much calmer when dealing with life situations, so that you can improve your relationship with your loved ones.


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