Hypnotherapy for Control Issues

Control Issues

Do you have a tendency to be a control freak? Do you have trouble letting things go out of control in a relationship?  Do you equate not being in control with defeat? Do you often wonder about being without control in a relationship? Thankfully, hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for controlling tendencies. Imagine living a life without the need to control your significant other and feeling at ease!  


The Psychology of Control Issues

Not all of us but some of us grow up with an added number of responsibilities growing up. This can impact the kind of personality that shapes up in adult life. At the most such individuals relish the challenge of being entrusted with responsibility. But on the flip side of it, they become increasingly uneasy about not being in control in any relationship especially when it comes to heterogeneous relationships. Such individuals become paranoid when they are not in control of the relationship.     

This increasing need for control in the relationship does not sit well with the other partner and in most cases, a breakup ensues. Most often such individuals tend to blame the other person, instead of introspecting themselves and jump from relationship to relationship without being able to settle down in one. When they are in a relationship, they find it hard to keep calm because it always seems their control over things is slipping, this can ruin the relationship.

For such individuals who have a deep need for remaining in control, hypnotherapy for control issues is an intervention that can significantly let go of your need for control and feeling at ease. 


How does Hypnosis Work for Controlling Behaviour ?

Identifying the root cause 

Any individual with controlling tendencies would have certain specific distress patterns attached to their personality. These are patterns that start in childhood and repeat itself throughout the course of one’s life. They mainly stem from a life theme related to abandonment, mistrust, or emotional deprivation. Ironically, the person gravitates to similar situations throughout their life without asking the hard questions to oneself. Our hypnotherapist begins with the individual through dialogue in understanding the distress pattern that seems to cover the defects in the underlying personality.

Regression Therapy

Once the distress pattern is understood, our hypnotherapist through probing questions begins regression where they get to the origins of controlling behavior.  Apart from these techniques – a therapist utilizes hypnosis to alter thought patterns that give rise to controlling behavior allowing the individuals to live a much more fulfilling life.   


Inner Child Therapy

Upon understanding the personality, our  hypnotherapist sends out positive messages to the inner child in the individual which is a part of the subconscious which is highly vulnerable emotionally in childhood. Over several sessions of hypnotherapy, the inner child gets healed and restored to its old spontaneous self.

Rewiring the Brain With Positive Suggestions

 Our hypnotherapists along with hypnosis and NLP techniques dismantle deeply entrenched negative thought patterns which are latent in the subconscious. Such detrimental thoughts are remedied and replaced with more empowering and motivational thought forms that initiate the process of acceptance in the individual for others without a compelling need to change them.  


Hypnosis for Control Issues Works

At “Make it Happen Hypnotherapy” in Brisbane, we come with extensive experience with individuals for letting go of their controlling behaviour.  Our lead therapist – Sandy along with other therapists teaches the individual to unlearn or disengage from familiar thought patterns even at the conscious level. 

Most of the cases treated at “Make it happen Hypnotherapy” have shown remarkable improvement wherein they are no longer compelled into controlling behavior due to subdued thought patterns to live a life to its utmost potential. 

Face to face and online hypnotherapy session is available at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy in Brisbane.

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