Hypnotherapy for Better Body Image

Better Body Image


Are you suffering from negative body image? Do you spend hours in front of the mirror analyzing your body? Are you self-critical to the point that nothing and no one can convince you otherwise? Do you avoid social situations because you are ashamed of your low body image? Do you always compare yourself with people on glossy magazine covers or celebrities? 


No one deserves to go through life hating & fostering destructive thoughts about their body image. Now imagine being 100% content about your body image & confident in your skin without any worries. Yes, it is possible through hypnotherapy, ideally known to be the #1 intervention in cultivating a better body image. If you are looking for a certified hypnosis therapist in Australia, you are at the right place.


Understanding Reasons Behind Destructive Body Image

We inhabit a world where looks and appearance take precedence over talent & skill. Being constantly bombarded with advertising and promotional materials featuring models famous for their ideal physical structure, we often fall prey to these unrealistic standards assuming we too can somehow attain such attractive physical attributes. But truth be told, most of these runway models were born with these physical attributes and us competing with them is a pursuit in futility.

After putting countless hours into this unrealistic pursuit of perfection, we fail to measure up to our expectations, as a result we develop constant agony related to our body image, never feeling content with the way things are. This anxiety is contagious as it usually spills over to the social aspects of our lives and makes us feel overly self-conscious, taking away our freedom to go about our routine tasks in life. The tendency to over-stress about our body image has tremendous mental and emotional consequences which impede our overall well-being. 

Hypnotherapy: The Ultimate Solution To Self Loathing & Negative Body Image

For individuals who are having a tough time making peace with their body image, hypnotherapy is proven to be an effective practice that helps remedy the constant feeling of agonizing distress and overbearing anxiety.


How Does Hypnotherapy Help In Improving Body Image?

Hypnotherapy greatly assists you in recognizing and changing the harmful effects of your negative self-talk resulting in poor body image & lack of confidence. Making you realize the deeper root cause of your irrational beliefs about body image that bypass rationality and criticism. Hypnotherapists employ tried and tested techniques that boost your self-esteem and replace negative beliefs you have about your body to positive and healthy ones. 

Stop Chasing Unrealistic Body Image Standards

The majority of body image cases consist of individuals who are desperately trying to reach bodily standards that cannot be deemed attainable in any way. Unfortunately for them, it’s very hard to see where the problem lies in their self-perception.

Our Therapist Engages with the Root Cause

During hypnotherapy, the role of the therapist is to assist you to “reset” the faulty thinking patterns through mental rehearsal and suggestions. Your old thinking patterns will be replaced with more empowering and positive mental habits, and you will learn to focus on self-love. You will unlearn old negative beliefs, disengage with thoughts related to negative body image, and alter unconscious cognitive biases clouding you.

In online hypnosis sessions or face to face hypnosis sessions in Australia, our hypnotherapists encourage the individuals to accept his/her body image the way it is, you will start to love yourself more and more.

We, at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy in Australia helps you in creating a positive body image. Looking for a boost in confidence? 

Face to face and online hypnotherapy session is available at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy.

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