Hypnotherapy To Anxiety For Children & Teens

Overcome Anxiety

Are you worrying about your child’s anxiety issues? Anxiety becomes a problem when it begins to take over your child’s lives and stop him/her from doing things, engaging with other people or even attending school. You may wonder how to deal with anxiety effectively? Hypnotherapy for anxiety for children and teens at “Make It Happen Hypnotherapy” provides the best solution for you.


What Causes Anxiety in Children?

Children can suffer from anxiety due to any stressful situations in their life such as family issues, relationship issues with family, siblings rivalry, wanting to please parents, a victim of bullying, exam stress, etc, or they might worry about their body image and compare themselves to others, usually the fear of not good enough, fear of being left out, or left behind, abandoned are the most common themes. A child’s anxiety usually has a specific cause and it could develop into a fear or even phobia.

What Does Anxiety Feel Like?

Anxiety disorders in children can include generalised anxiety, social anxiety, specific phobia, separation anxiety, etc. You child might show anxiety with physical symptoms like shortness of breaths, increased heart rate and palpitations, excessive sweating, stomachache, headache, a repeated sense of the need to urinate, etc.

In children, anxiety is considered problematic when symptoms cause him/her a significant degree of distress and when symptoms have an adverse effect on social life and schooling.


How Does Hypnotherapy Help With Anxiety In Children?

Many parents found hypnotherapy offers a rapid and extremely effective release of anxiety. It is actually way better than conventional talk therapy for your child because it is dealing with his/her subconscious level where it caused the problem.

Focusing on the Root Cause

Hypnotherapy for anxiety in children helps them to identify the root cause at a deeper level of the mind. Certain stressful situations become linked to the specific emotional and physical responses that act as triggers to maintain the problem.

Reframing the Old Associations

Hypnotherapy helps your child to release deep rooted negative beliefs which may have been picked up from family, school or media, we help your child disengage from any negative patterns that are causing trouble and reframe the old associations.


The newly formed associations are “reprogrammed” in the subconscious mind through repetition. With successful mental repetition, children learn to act according to the new patterns.

Internal Dialogue

Children are guided to reinforce healthy associations with the help of positive self-talk daily.


What is Included in the “Hypnosis For Anxiety Program” for Children/Teens?

  • Mindfulness, Witnessing self
  • Replacing unwanted thinking and behaviour with desired ones using Enhanced
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(E-CBT)
  • Eliminate any fear (e.g. fear of failure, rejection, etc)
  • Engineer your ideal state of confident and high self-esteem
  • Build resilience and more

*The program to overcome anxiety for children and teen in Brisbane will be tailor-made for each individual.


Free Gift

We have a free gift for you as well!. Your child will be given hypnotic audio to listen to every time we finish the session so that your child can keep doing mind rehearsals and changing his/her mindset. The more he/she listen to it, the more he/she will witness the transformation.


Why Should You Choose Sandy As Your Therapist?

Skilled and Professional

  • Sandy truly understands what you are experiencing and gives all that can to help you to have a more balanced life.
  • Registered with the Australian Hypnotherapist Association, Sandy also keeps up to date with the latest therapies.
  • Sandy uses Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming to communicate with your subconscious mind coupled with counselling and coaching
  • Provide tailor-made programs for each individual and deliver life long change, not short term solutions.
  • Sandy has helped many children and teens with anxiety and they all achieve amazing results in only a few sessions.

Comprehensive Solutions

The comprehensive treatment is given because life problems of everyone are related, so tackling just one issue may not completely solve your problem. Therefore, we may be dealing with bad memories, negative emotions, phobias, limiting beliefs, addictions, poor relationships, etc. in the program.

Book a FREE Hypnotic Strategy Session to have a chat to help your child to overcome anxiety in Brisbane at “Make It Happen Hypnotherapy”. Give your child an anxiety-free life!