Hypnosis for Fear of Success

Overcome Fear of Success

Do you feel incapable of handling your success? Do you have negative notions about success when it finally happens? Do you wonder how to overcome ironic fears associated with success?

Incidentally, hypnotherapy for fear of success is an effective tool in helping individuals make the transition from failure to success, shifting the mindset in the subconscious level where the belief is formed. Imagine achieving big successes in life and being able to fathom it!


Understanding the Fear of Success

Many might have heard about the fear of failure, equally damaging is the fear of success. This in a way hinders us from achieving what we truly want in life. In most cases, it happens to be self-sabotaging behaviors like procrastination or excuses that hinders consistent effort to achieve one’s goals. The answer to such behavior lies in the subconscious which seems to be averse to the idea of success altogether.

Past events and repeated bouts of failure would have time and again reinforced the idea of success as unachievable. Over the course of time, one becomes cynical of success and starts blaming things like fate and destiny without ever looking to introspect.

Such individuals grapple without any success in life for long periods without ever understanding what caused them to be unsuccessful in the first place. This is because their answers to their problems lie in the subconscious. Although it captures impressions from the outside world, always remains and function as an “invisible hand” to affect one’s normal behavior. This makes it difficult to understand the choices and associated actions one makes in life that eventually deprives us of success.

Therefore, it’s important to work with the subconscious mind to make real mindset shift. And hypnotherapy is the gateway to access the subconscious mind, it’s especially effective for overcoming the fear of success.


How Does Hypnotherapy Help Fear of Success?

In the beginning, our therapists informally initiates a dialogue with you to understand your life trajectory and what all events have brought you to the current situation. This would bring a lot of clarity into the kind of behavior you exhibits.


Dismantles Self-Limiting Thought Patterns

Hereafter, our therapists initiate a combination of hypnotherapeutic techniques like “Parts Therapy”, “Regression”, “Inner Child Work”. Herein, our aim is to engage with the parts of the subconscious that play a key role in eliciting thoughts and actions.

By changing with the deeply entrenched thought patterns, the therapist seeks to reduce the potency of these self-limiting thought patterns. Once initiated, it will bring you the awareness and new understanding where the limiting belief was formed and you will comes out of the grip of these thought patterns to look at life with a new perspective.


Techniques that Overcome the Fear of Success

Parts Therapy

Parts Therapy is used where conflicting parts (psyche) within the subconscious are engaged and remedied. By understanding the subconscious motivations of different parts, we will be able to bring resolution to these conflicting thoughts.


Dissociate Negative Thoughts

Over the course of several hypnotic sessions, the person becomes capable of coping and even remedying their negative and self-limiting thought patterns. The success of Hypnotherapy lies in changes in the way of thinking and feelings which influences the behaviors.

By embedding positive hypnotic suggestions, wherein a trance-like state is induced in the individual, we let your subconscious mind knows what your conscious mind wants.


Develop Success Mindset

Through visualization, you are encouraged to foresee your success in their mind before it even happens. As the mind can’t distinguish is the mental images is real or unreal, you make the mind believe you are a success. This improves your positive momentum and motivation.


Regression and Inner Child Therapy

To remedy the fear of success, our therapist also uses hypnotherapeutic techniques like “inner child” work, wherein the focus is on engaging a part of the subconscious that is extremely intuitive, curious and spontaneous.

Our therapists reconnect you with your inner child. By healing this vulnerable part of the subconscious, we can bring in positive changes with the qualities that your inner child own. As a result, you will regain confidence, inner worth, and self-acceptance.


Hypnosis Helps Fear of Success

This apart our lead hypnotherapist – Sandy along with other hypnotherapists will facilitate you to unlearn your familiar thought habits with more empowering and positive thoughts. Along with this, our therapist will give you exercises for rewiring your brain with positive thinking post-therapy.

All of this will make the individual look at success with a new frame of mind. Most individuals that opt for hypnotherapy at “Make it Happen Hypnotherapy” start looking at success as an achievable scenario and have more courage, resilience to deal with challenges. Many individuals with a changed life perspective even succeed in obtaining their goals effortlessly within no time after their brain training sessions in here.


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