Group Hypnosis for Stop Uncontrolled Eating

Do you compulsively eat and find yourself out of control?

You may have been using food and/or alcohol to comfort yourself for years. Obsessive eating, binge eating, or over-drinking becomes part of your life. You find yourself mood swings, lack of energy, etc.

If you are sick of this reactive pattern you are having right now, it’s time to find out what is underneath that needs to be dealt with, join our upcoming Workshop: "Group Hypnosis for Stop Uncontrolled Eating" to help you to remove any blockages so that you can have your healthy and fit body again!


What You Expect:

- Discover why that part of your subconscious mind is craving

- Learn effective NLP & self-hypnosis to stop binge eating or drinking and take back control of yourself

- Have a Group Hypnosis session to stop emotional/uncontrolled eating


Register NOW and we will send you a recording of the workshop.