Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying


Do you suffer from severe anxiety when it comes to flying? Do you have an aversive attitude towards flying? You may often wonder how to overcome the fear of flying? For individuals with the fear of flying, hypnotherapy can be an effective practice to remedy such fear. Imagine how your life would be different if you could travel anywhere on your own! Here, we explain how to overcome the fear of flying. 


Psychology of Fear of flying

This is a learned fear meaning it develops with exposure to the event in this case flying. After having a bad experience with flying, maybe high turbulence or emergency landing, the mind begins to have anxious thoughts that lead to fear even when thinking about flying. You become susceptible to an unending chain of negative thoughts associated with flying making flying impossible.  

Some people might pick up this fear from their parents in childhood. And for others, it can be the confined space on the plane that makes them feel trapped or uncomfortable. Most often, the individual having endured a bad flying experience no longer is able to gather the courage to go flying. The longer a person avoids flying, the more this fear may increase. Sometimes the fear is also associated with other phobias. It is because the mind anticipates a repeat occurrence or the chain of anxious thoughts are too overwhelming to carry out flying. Mostly such individuals end up developing a dread towards flying which can unknowingly affect other aspects of their life. 

Incidentally, hypnotherapy for fear of flying is found effective for helping people in such a situation. A therapist can readily break the self-imposed mental shackles in an individual through the hypnotic process. 


How Does Hypnosis Work for Overcoming the Fear of Flying?

Mitigating the Root Cause

Our hypnotherapists introduce mindfulness to the individual as a process of recovery, encouraging them to become acutely aware of their fears. With Unwind Technique, it’s powerful to remove the fear and phobia of flying related to the past. Its success lies in treating deep-rooted causes that induced anxiety in the person in the first place. 

Reframing Perception

You will be guided to enact the fearful scenarios from past experience which are associated with flying or in a plane in trance state. By changing the mental images, we can change the perception of how you perceive flying. It makes the individual stop behaving like a victim who starts taking control over life. This along with positive thought reinforcement helps you to nurture empowering thoughts, allowing you to take up flying with confidence. This kind of therapy makes the individual more in-tune with the realities of life without being overtaken by fear. 

Hypnosis and NLP techniques stand out for altering neural pathways in the brain enabling the individual to break free from the tight grip of the fearful thought patterns associated with flying. 


Transforming Self-limiting Beliefs

Our  hypnotherapist working with you can dismantle self-limiting beliefs and associated anxiety. Basically, it reorders faulty thinking patterns and you would feel empowered to fly again with manageable anxiety. In some cases, you may actually enjoy the thrill of flying again. 

Mental Rehearsal

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy lies in its ability to use mental rehearsal and coping strategies to practice in the mind for anxiety inducing thought patterns T. Over several sessions, you would be able to get in touch with a deep sense of calm within them, which in time would also get translated into your normal life. 


Our Results: Hypnosis For Fear of Flying

We at “Make it Happen Hypnotherapy” come with the experience of having worked with individuals with the fear of flying. Sandy – our Head hypnotherapist, works with individuals by teaching them how to unlearn irrational fears associated with flying through hypnotic suggestions and effective NLP techniques.  

It is scientifically proven that the mind remains highly sensitive to suggestions in the hypnotic or the trance state. During this critical period, our  hypnotherapist can “reset” deeply held negative associations in the subconscious. Moreover, hypnotherapists at our clinic come with experience in reframing conscious thoughts and emotions to make the individual confident about flying and to resume a normal life. 

In most cases, our clients are seen not having excess anxiety towards flying and they can disassociate themselves from the anxious thought patterns to fly again. 

Face to face and online hypnotherapy session is available at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy in Brisbane.

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